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Mill’s Concept of Freedom: Critical Analysis

Mill’s concept of freedom changed the way people viewed its relationship with the government. In this essay, I will be addressing Mill’s views on freedom with specific interest on freedom of speech. Mill’s definition of freedom is the best one there is, but it is not perfect. Mill’s solutions to the problems that occur with...
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Idea Of Liberty In John Mill's Works

Starting with my essay I will briefly explain what does liberty means, and what it’s like to be a liberal. Liber originated from the Latin dictionary and it means free. Our nation’s first amendment in the Constitution of the United States of America and in the bill of Rights, is freedom of speech and in...
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Factors That Determined The Result Of 2016 US Presidential Election

The present text explores various pivotal factors during the 2016 presidential campaign that ultimately led to the election of Donald J. Trump. The paper discusses factors such as communication techniques, anti-establishment sentiments, the rust belt revolt, voter turnout, the authenticity of the election process, scandals, Clinton’s health, and the influence of preceding president’s policies. Though...

Hilary Clinton's Representation In Media

For many years, there always have been stereotypes when it comes to roles in society and its different professions. For instance, the field of politics have been mostly taken by men. Mainly, because women were always expected to take over domestic and family-oriented roles in society unlike men whose fields and professions was a wider...
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Populism In Bernie Sanders' And Donald Trump's 2016 Presidential Campaigns

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 gave rise to significant debate within political science scholarship as to the influence and surge of populism in the United States and throughout the world. Not only do populist leaders often contradict what is expected from a typical politician, but they often can also rally overwhelming support from...
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True Happiness: John Stuart Mill Versus Aristotle

Happiness is a state of mind that is universally sought after. Hinduism states that Ananda, the state of bliss is the ideal state for most men, and must be obtained through the proper practice of morals and righteousness. In comparison to this, philosopher Aristotle believed that a man must perform his function in order to...
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Tommy Douglas: The Founder Of Free Healthcare In Canada

I have selected medicare as my example of social change because I believe it affects all of us. It wasn’t until July 1st, 1968 in Canada that it was decided that medicare would be paid for by the government. Previously falling ill had been one of the most feared things in Canada as it meant...
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