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Hotel Room Booking System manages the support of a visitor’s bill during one’s stay at the lodging and withal the designation of spaces for them. This product will be utilized basically by the secretary who will be the principal staff part a visitor expectedly observes on entrance and also the last one before one leaves. The assistant can use this product to assign rooms to the recently showed up visitors dependent on their spending requirements. The room number will be then induced and given to the visitor alongside a remarkable client ID. Any eatery, recreational action bills will be accounted by the assistant of specific office. The whole bill would then be able to be paid by the visitor at the time one wishes to leave from the lodging.

Overview of the project:

Problem statement

To develop a planarity featured Hotel Room Booking System that solves most of the predominant hotel management dilemmas faced by any hotel, utilizing state of the art technologies and making it available to all hotel at a low cost.

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Objectives of the project:

  1. Ascertain that the product can keep running on some random stage.
  2. Give easy and free access to visitors to see their bill status.
  3. Develop an easy and mistake free strategy for entering subtleties of the visitors for the staff individuals into the product.
  4. Allocate and mange rooms of every one of the visitors.
  5. Generate a bill for the utilization of every office by the visitor.
  6. Ascertain to have a client agreeable interface so clients are drawn into using the product once more.
  7. Avail in the changing from other outsider programming.
  8. Manage the bills of the considerable number of visitors aptly with no confounds.


  • To allow the user to select from the given options with respect to the facility
  • To check authenticity of the guest.


  • Menu number in the printed list.


  • The respective homepage of the facility will be displayed


The first input page that is seen by the user will be the Main menu page. The user must select their facility from the printed list. The number of the option must be input and the user will be redirected to the page of their facility.

  • Screenshots and Result:
  • Main menu:
  • Adding Guests:
  • Add-Rooms:
  • Add-Bookings:
  • View-Bookings:
  • Quit:

Conclusion and Future works:

To settle the Hotel Room Booking System is a desideratum for every hotel. Every one of the targets that were at first set at the initiation of the undertaking have been met. All bugs that we have descried till date have been corrected. This Hotel Room Booking System won’t just profit inns simply deal with their information however withal give visitor’s significant data that they can use for their very own advantages. We built up this product without utilizing any extravagant front end beautification as we immovably needed to construct a product that any inn, with any spending limit can undoubtedly bear. Any lodging need not spend their assets on structure a fresh out of the box new administration framework without any preparation.

We want to fabricate an extravagant front end graphical UI without expanding the expense of the product even by a penny. One may accept that the above articulation perhaps because of different people who simply pursue crafted by different designers aimlessly on sites like YouTube. Yet, we guarantee you that isn’t valid and that we just care about the clients we contact.


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