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Reflection on My First Time in Miami Beach: Opinion Essay

It’s 2009, I’m nine years old and for the first time, I enter what we all Miami people know and love Dolphin Mall. Imagine a little girl coming from the Caribbean, which was Cuba. Were if a child had two pairs of shoes was too much. Walking into a place where everything was filled with...
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Summer Vacation: My Long Trip To Thailand

What I did last summer? I was born in Vietnam, but I moved to the United States almost three years ago, I was quite busy from work to school, so I did not get a chance to visit my hometown. Last summer, when I heard my best friend was getting married, my sister and I...
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School Field Trip: Personal Experience

This year student’s of the Greater Miami Adventist Academy are sick and tired of going to same old Zoo Miami for field trips. We the students have decided to spice things up this year and head up north to Orlando for a restful, yet fun packed trip. Instead of walking around a stinky zoo for...
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My Hotel Experience: Opinion Essay

Being able to have a few days to yourself without stressing on any homework, running errands or going to work is something everyone wishes for. Throughout this school year, my boyfriend and I decided to go to a hotel during the weekend for his birthday. Before we booked the hotel, we had looked for the...
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Initial International Mission Trip And Plane Flight In The Bahamas

This past summer, I went on a mission trip to the Bahamas with my youth group and it was my initial international mission trip and plane flight as well!! Naturally, I was extremely nervous and excited about this new adventure in my life. We spent the past five or six months leading up to this...
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Health Tourism : An Emerging Industry In India

Introduction Health tourism or medical tourism relates to travel associated with medical treatment, rejuvenation and undergoing wellness therapies. Although, the term is used largely in the context of cross-border travel, it could also be used to signify domestic travel especially where cities/towns have emerged as healthcare hubs. Many are uncomfortable with the use of the...
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Improving Study Tour Product Introduction from The Aspects Of Push Factors And Program Design In Educational Tourism

A case study of short-term study tour programs in China market Abstract The purpose of this paper is to examine the existent short-term study tour programs in the USA for Chinese junior secondary school students offered by extracurricular training schools in China and propose an improvement for website product introduction. Economic development, international trade, as...
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Camping Cookware: My Experience Of Choosing

After I started my college, me along with my friends, we go on hiking every time we get break. From past few experiences, we realized the only issue we have while we go on hiking and stay in camps is cooking issue. It took us a long time to come up with a solution yet...
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Sustainable Tourism Challenges And Issues In India With Travel Agent / Tour

Data analysis:- For the main objective of the study, both descriptive and inferential statistical data analyses were performed. At starting, descriptive statistics were computed for all study variables. This consisted of means for all continuous variables and frequencies and percentages for all variables. The null hypotheses of this study, inferential analyses done on the percentage...
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