Reasons And Risks Of Abortion

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Would you like to have a child of a person who touched you without your consent? What would you do if you walk down the street and you get raped and the next month you walk into the doctor’s office and the doctor tells you that you’re pregnant? Should Abortion be legal just for women that have been raped and the ones that are in risking their life? One of the problems that we face today is women getting raped in the street by an unknown person, what would happen if they don’t have the choice to abort. should all the states put abortion legal for women that have been raped, teenagers that are 15 and 17 years old and women that are risking their life.

Based on the history of abortion, women don’t know the risk of abortion, but abortion has too many faces of risk but women should have the right to choose. The risk of abortions is “Heavy Bleeding, Infection and Incomplete Abortions”. And those problems are caused because abortion in some places is illegal, abortion doesn’t have to be illegal it can be legalise for womens with problems at having brith because many women have been raped and they get problems like traumatize, etc, or they’re too young to have the child because in these days a lot of teenagers are getting pregnant and their placenta is nor very developed. For example “Even in the United States, where abortion is legal, services are not readily accessible. In fact, many women and girls face serious legal or financial obstacles to accessing safe abortion services because of burdensome regulations, lack of providers, insufficient funding, or political opposition. Women’s Human Rights: Abortion, ”. Women should know all the risks and effects of having an abortion with terms legal or illegal these days.

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Many of the abortions are caused because some of the women were abused or they too young to have it and have problems with their placenta. Abortion is health care for women’s too. For example “125 – 126 2 abortions momentum, there were criminal abortion statutes in all fifty states abortion to save the mother’s life. Seven states permitted abortion to save the child’s life for the sake of the health of the mother.R., Thomas. The Abortion Righ”. The whole country should know that if women abort isn’t because she’s selfish is because she could die at birth or have problems after the birth, some of the problems could be “nauseous, vomiting and abdominals pain.” Those effects or problems occur after abortion.

20 states have legalized abortion. And there are 6 states that only allow abortion if you have vascular disease and hormonal problems etc. Not enough abortions clinics in the U.S. and many of the states don’t include abortion as healthcare. Politicians are trying to shut down the health center and is important for people to know that they’re putting at risk the woman’s life. For example “In others, they are doing everything they can to shut down the health centers that many women rely on for basic reproductive health services, including abortion care. Some politicians are even trying to end programs that provide birth control, putting women at high risk for unplanned pregnancy. Abortion American Civil Liberties Union.”

I assume that the politicians are trying to do that because they don’t know the real faces of abortion or having the risk to get one.

would you like to have the baby of the person who raped you or have the abortion to have good healthcare, or you wouldn’t get the abortion because in your state the abortion still illegal and that’s why women’s used another method to get rid of the baby. For example, “Not only do these types of restrictions lead women to continue unwanted pregnancies, but they also lead some women to attempt to self-induce an abortion. More than 10 percent of Louisiana women entering prenatal care who had considered abortion also tried to self-induce using herbs, other drugs or medications, or by hitting themselves in the abdomen.Roberts, Sarah C.M.”. Intends of women with problems to give birth using drugs to abort their child, people should vote that women’s can only get an abortion when something bad is really happening. For example, if the woman has been raped they should get the right to abortion. Women should get abortions for their healthcare.

Do you think if you get an abortion without the required medication, you wouldn’t have consequences or if you have problems with the placenta for being too young, but that’s not the case should any girl no matter the age can have the right about the decision of having or not the baby. A teenager or a grown woman can choose because is their life and body. For example, “The Court has held that spousal consent is unconstitutional since the right of privacy is specific to the pregnant woman. The Court has made it clear that the right to an abortion does not imply the duty of the state or federal government to pay for an abortion for indigent women. Goldman, E B. Legal Aspects of Abortion Practice.” After all, women should know their rights because is about their bodies that were talking about. It should be difficult to have to decide without knowing your rights.

I think people that have been raped or have problems with the pregnancy and are risking their lives for it can have the right to an abortion but If a woman doesn’t have any problem they shouldn’t have the right to an abortion. Abortion should only be allowed for women with problems. For example, some of the problems “ problems with the placenta, heavy bleeding while pregnancy and infection”. If the pregnant woman shows problems during the first four months of pregnancy they have to do a checkup to know if everything is right or not. I don’t think abortion is right but if they have to get it done to save their lives or for healthcare that’s their choice because every single human has rights. In fact, we can fix the problem of abortion by giving teenagers protection and talk about the consequences of being pregnant at you g age in school because being pregnant too young can affect their body really bad. Also, We can fix the problem of abortion now by letting people know the consequences. A lot of women risk their life or lost their lives for not being prepared for a pregnancy or not being prepared physically and mentally.

Abortion Should be legalized for women who have been victims of rape And have been left with mental and physical problems because they would not feel prepared or Believe that their baby would go through the same thing And also abortion should be legalized for girls ages 15 to 17 because their body and mind are not prepared to take that step. It would be great to legalize the first abortion for women who have been Raped because if they don’t get the abortion and they give birth they will treat the baby really bad they can mistreat them and do bad things just because it reminds them of that day, the day that someone touched them without their consent. We all know that the baby is not to blame for What happened to her but some other people believe it and that’s why our world is how it is today with child abuse because of rapes and mothers that don’t care about their children’s cause of metals problems and rapids. We can change our world, we can do it by getting together and talking about the problems and consequences.

In my opinion, only women with problems, rape, and resources to keep the baby and also if you are very young can have the right to abortion because people with these two problems are not physically or mentally prepared and young women should have the right because their placenta is not very well developed yet to have a baby and more their mind because they’re young but only teenagers with 14 through 17 years old, just teenagers because is you pass the age of 18 you know what you were doing and for a fact girls with 18 and 21 years old know the consequences of not using protection. Finally, I can Infer that in school or at home they should teach the teenagers by letting them know the effects, consequences, and problems of not having protection. Not having protection will push you to have an abortion and there’s a lot of risk for something that could have been avoided. the parents have a very strong job during the growth of their children because my mother has always been mind-minded with me and that helped me because everything has consequences before doing something I think about the consequences.                  


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