Essays on Supremacy of EU Law

Supremacy Of EU Law: Seminal Cases Of Van Gend En Loos And Costa V Enel

The European Union is based on the rule of law. The treaties form the primary legislation and have been agreed constitutionally by its members. Secondary legislation has several components. Directives which set out the objective to be achieved usually within a two-year period, and are applicable to all Member States, the legislation is derived however,...
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ECJ In Relation To The Doctrine Of Supremacy

Throughout this essay I will consider what the Doctrine of Supremacy is and the overall role it performs within the EU. In doing so, I will consider ECJ case law and use such cases to strengthen arguments and views. Overall, I will be discussing how and why the doctrine of supremacy allows EU law to...
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Ending The Supremacy Of EU Law In The

In leaving the European Union, the clock will not turn back to the pre-1972 constitutional settlement in the United Kingdom. This is because the UK has undergone many constitutional changes since entering into the European Union on 1st January 1973, after the European Communities Act 1972 came into effect. Reforms such as the devolution of...
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EU Supremacy And Direct Effect

Parliament Has Not Remained Sovereign Throughout the UK’s Membership of the EU Parliamentary sovereignty is often regarded as one of the most important constitutional principles in the United Kingdom. Although it is so highly regarded, it has arguably lost its power and significance due to membership with the European Union. I believe that since joining...
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The CJEU's View On Supremacy Of EU Law

The supremacy of EU law The notion of the supremacy of EU law denotes that where there is a conflict between an area of EU law and an area of the domestic law of a MS, EU law will overrule. However, the officiation of the principle remains to occur under treaty status. Instead, being generally...
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The European Union: The Case Of The

Introduction The European Union deems itself as a unique economic and political union between 28 EU Countries” (Union, 2019). The United Kingdom has on authority of Article 50 the Lisbon Treaty, on the 29th March 2017, made it known that it intends to withdraw from the European Union’ (Holland & Webb, 2019, p. 355). The...
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