Essays on Family Law

Legal Position Of Children With Disabilities In Family Courts

This essay will look at the themes of participation, discrimination/exclusion and protection; discussing the legal and conceptual position of children in family courts and disability. Similarities will be discussed conceptually, as children are often positioned as dependent on adults, however, within participation, the concept of autonomy is challenged with the contrasting legal frameworks and rights...
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The Legality Of Prenuptial Agreements In The

The current law on financial provisions is rooted in discretion, offering flexibility and fairness. However, lacks certainty due to the vast, seemingly unfettered discretion that the courts have been allocated. The potential to introduce legally enforceable pre-nuptial agreements would allow for certainty in the division of the pool of assets. This approach lines up with...
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European Policies For Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has been widely recognised as an emerging problem which calls for actions at all levels. In Europe, after the campaign targeting the issue of domestic violence, the Council of Europe adopted the Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women in 2011. Following the enforcement of the Convention, many perpetrator programs have been...
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Family Law: Defining The Key Notions

Family law deals with family matters and domestic associations. It is a legal practice that deals with matters involving family correlations. Cases usually involve individuals who related by blood or married. In some cases, it affects those in distance or casual associations as well. Majority of family law cases are a result of divorce. This...
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Critical Analysis of the Role of Functionality in 21st Century Family Law

Introduction The law regulating the family is a fast-changing field of study and practice, covering a broad range of issues and concerns arising from personal relationships. Yet one of the major issues with modern day family law surrounds the recognition of these relationships, specifically its failure in some regards to develop and evolve in line...
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Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961: Critical Analysis

Protection Given to Women under MFLO 1961 Abstract Ayub Khan President of Pakistan promulgate the Muslim Family Law Ordinance in 1962 on recommendations of the Commission on Marriage and Family Laws. It deals with the most important unit of society, family. It is protecting the rights of women by establishing the system of registration of...
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