Essays on Criminal Law

Criminal Law: Criminal Liability Of Steve, Manjari And Raashi

Criminal Law In the following essay, I will be discussing the criminal liabilities of the people convicted in the scenario: (i) Steve being guilty of manslaughter for Jim’s death (ii) Steve being guilty for GBH for Manjari (iii) Manjari being guilty of manslaughter for Raashi’s death (iv) Raashi being guilty of assault and battery. Lord...
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Criminal Law: The USA Versus United Arab Emirates

Criminal law Criminal law makes an association between crime and law. It includes penalizing and reclamation of people who fail to acknowledge such laws. It diverse in the sentiment of leadership, and deviate from civil law. Almost all criminal laws are settled by figure, which implies that an assembly passes the laws. The extent of...
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Criminal Law: Legal Impact Of Mens Rea For Joint Enterprise Liability

This essay will evaluate the legal impact of mens rea for joint enterprise liability according to the decisioning in R v Jogee (2016). To be discussed is the mens rea requirement of complicity and the absence of actus reus. Other derivative liabilities will be discussed in order to show the difference in the outcome of...
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Criminal Law: An Overview Of The Different Charges

Criminal Law Introduction This essay will provide an overview of the different charges that these four individuals will most likely face; John, Paul, George, and Ringo. This essay will unpack each of the crimes these individuals have committed, an overview of the facts, alongside an in-depth definition of their crimes whilst using reference to case...
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Islamic Criminal Law In Accordance With Sharia

Introduction: Islamic criminal law in accordance with Sharia Firmly speaking, Islamic law does not have a separate body of ‘criminal law.’ (Dammer et al; 2011) It splits crimes into 3 different categories depending on the offense, they are: Hudud Qisas Tazir Hudud is an Arabic word meaning ‘borders, barrier, boundaries, limits’. In the religion of...
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Criminal Law: Crimes Committed In Businesses

Criminal Law Crimes committed in businesses are often referred to as ‘white-collar crimes’ because often these crimes are committed by powerful individuals of the business world who hold considerable respect. These crimes include but are not limited to bribery, money laundering, fraud, forgery, impersonation, insider trading, etc. Such crimes are a punishable felony in most...
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The History Of Irish Criminal Law

Officialising it’s independence in 1922, Ireland is a young state in comparison to its European counterparts. The history of Irish criminal law is inextricably connected to that of it’s older, English equivalent. Brehon law, introduced in 1169 by Anglo-Norman nobleman Richard de Clare, more commonly known as ‘Strongbow’, established itself as Ireland’s primary system of...
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Criminal Law Paper Assignment: Case Analysis

Skate Park Drug Death On the night of August 7, 2019, 14-year-old Langley teen Carson Crimeni was found in a state of severe medical distress in Walnut Grove Community Park. His Father, Aron Crimeni and grandfather Darrel had been out looking for him after he failed to make it home at 7:30 pm which was...
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