The Importance Of English In Education

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The demand for English in Education is a process not only academic but it is also considered vital for communication in the whole world. In addition, is a question of culture at different levels and also is the key to obtaining academic degrees programs. Moreover, the role of technology is vital in this as a way of communication. Nowadays English has become popular in Education at different levels such as language centers, schools, and universities as the beginning of the discovery of a field of knowledge and keeping in mind that English is the key for success.


In general, it is a way of learning in which knowledge and emotions are transferred from one generation to another. In other words, is a process of empowerment in which abilities are developed to get a better quality of human life. And no one can deny that without education one can’t perform successfully in any aspect of life. Any experience that can change the way of thinking must be declared educational. Education should be experiential learning and this should not be restricted by barriers such as tasking or just answering questions.

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Education and English are the keys for success

Nowadays, English has become one of the most important means of communication that can help from isolation and a door for progress in life. It is the most spread and commonly used language among different nations and individuals worldwide for cultural and educational exchange. In addition, the use of the English language appeared with globalization and for that reason, many countries around the world have started to promote and use it for its multiple benefits. Many students have the opportunity to go abroad to increase their level of Education and to have degrees or specializations.

There are too many countries that offer opportunities for speaking communities or interchanging experiences in countries such as UK or Canada to keep them up to date with the modern English is spoken worldwide.

In fact, English has multipurpose social and educational services. It is used as a medium of instruction in a large number of universities in the national and international world.

For this reason, it is important that the government put special emphasis on the requirements by teachers and learners, the idea here is to improve the standards of English level because Education as a medium, can help citizens to develop more professionally and gaining success for each country in different fields of economy, politics, science and technology, arts, medicine, etc.


Computer applications are integrated into the learning process are being created in the field of education to facilitate the learning process. In other words, technology can make our life easier. Due to the rapid development of human civilization, life has suffered too many changes over and over again.

Technology has played a vital role in the Education process with many devices such as radios, TVs, CD players, computers, electronic dictionaries, audio cassettes, Powerpoint videos, Skype, DVDs, etc.

One of the advantages of modern technology is the use of the Internet that makes our lives easier, specifically in education. As a result, both English language teaching and learning are facilitated. Students now learn faster and easier than before by using technology. Technology has provided interesting and funny ways of learning and teaching, for both, teachers and learners.

Now with the appearance of influencers, Education and technology have been mixed and this was so successful in this learning process and we must be recognized that this will be for different learning styles. 


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