Essays on Tort Law

Establishing The Breach Of Duty Of Care In Tort Law

Tort law is Civil Law and applies when contract cannot be reputable. The purpose of Civil Law is not to penalise people, but to recompense them for the wrongdoing of the defendant. The Breach of Duty of Care falls directly under the Tort of Negligence, Tort of Negligence came about due to loss or damage...
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Drone Tort Law: Establishing The Boundaries Of The Tort Of Nuisance

In reference to Francis Newark’s, it is evident that the tort of nuisance has been subjected to significant criticism through its ill formed origins and lack of boundaries. The criticism of this tort lies in its limited scope, which struggles to stand up to the test of time in providing environmental protection in a modern...
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Liability For Pure Omissions In The English Law Of Tort

In the English Law of Tort, liability can be found where an individual has refrained from acting in a situation where a pre-tort relationship gives rise to a positive obligation to act, causing the omission to be in breach of duty. However, where a pre-tort relationship does not exist, ‘common law does not impose liability...
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Drone Tort Law: Determining The Tort Of Nuisance

The tort of nuisance provides a remedy for interference with the use and enjoyment of land. The proliferation of drones prompts important questions about the ethical implications and legality of their use as well as fundamental issues present within the common law of nuisance generally. The challenge for lawmakers is to balance an individual’s right...
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Vicarious Liability: Definition, Principles, Types

Defining Vicarious Liability Vicarious is came from the Latin term ‘vice’ i.e., in the place of. By this term we mean the liability of a person for the tort of another in which he had no part. The name is said to have been coined by English jurist Frederick Pollock in the 1880’s. Factually, it...
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Analytical Essay on Whether Tort Law Adequately Protects Women’s Interests in Cases of Revenge Pornography and Reproductive Torts

This essay will discuss whether tort law adequately protects women’s interests in cases of revenge pornography and reproductive torts and whether feminist perspective can provide an advancement to the adequacy of torts law. Feminist legal critiques in the UK have constantly criticized the British tort law for failing to provide adequate and accessible full compensation...
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