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Statement of Purpose


I, Cherish Yerramsetty accept this opportunity to present myself in this short mission statement. I would want to use this chance to clarify my future goals and outfit my educational and family foundation.

Family Background

My father, Mr. Mahesh Yerramsetty, is into real estate; mother, Mrs. Sudha Rani Yerramsetty, is a self taught fashion designer running her own boutique. Elder brother Mr. Monish Yerramsetty is an entrepreneur, a co-founding of a start-up, and my younger sister Miss. Aruna Yerramsetty is in her final year of commercial Business administration. My circle of the family has a sufficient budget to aid my live-in pursuing Masters in the UK.

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Academic Background

A youngster without education is a fledgeling without wings. My school, Loyola Public School, Nallapadu, Andhra Pradesh, is outstanding in academics and is also well known for its instructive framework and discipline. I can proudly say that my school played a significant role in moulding me into the person I am today. For the most part, I have faith in myself to show commitment towards my studies. My teachers encouraged me to aim higher, which taught me to ponder upon representing our school in various curricular and co-curricular activities. I participated in activities like talent examinations, quiz competitions, and social services. My sincere efforts at school helped me achieve the second prize in an intraschool physics talent test in my 6th grade and first prize in the intraschool English Talent Test in my 8th grade. My problem-solving skills and sciences enthusiasm made me pick MPC (Mathematics, physics, chemistry) in Sri Chaitanya Junior College.

Undergraduate Study

I have acquired my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from India’s top private institutes, Lovely Professional University, Punjab. The curriculum introduced me to various exciting subjects such as Packaging Design, Corporate Identity, Interactive Design, Illustration, Print media, Design thinking, Human-computer interaction, and many more. Prof. Pramod Marshal had a significant influence on me during my undergraduate study. He introduced me to several design advancements and encouraged me to carry on with my idea of implementing minimalism into my projects. He has been a guiding force for my packaging design project. I’ve worked on four major projects in the 3-year in campus study and one entire year of Internship as On-Job-Trainee for the final year. Overall, I have scored a 7.30 CGPA in my under graduation. I finished my Under Graduation in 2019


I have done my first summer internship at for two months. During this internship, I’ve learned techniques that they implement in the screen printing process. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel Draw were some software that I’ve used during my work, I’ve also learnt some new design techniques and their application for a T-shirt design. After my summer internship, I was offered a position in as one year intern for my final year On Job Training (OJT) as a Junior Graphic Designer. After graduation, I was allowed to continue as a full-time employee at and also was promoted as the Lead Graphic Designer. My tenure at TeeStory as an intern and a full-time employee helped me learn new and unexplored part of Graphic Design.

Why the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom is one of the pinnacle nations with a maximum quantity of worldwide college students. It has 5 of the 30 first-rate towns inside the international for college kids. They are primarily based on scholar mix, affordability, high-satisfactory of life, and enterprise activity – all vital factors for college graduates to select the first-rate to observe destination. The coaching method in UK universities enables scholars to gain each theoretical and sensible know-how to grow to be specialists in their location to observe. Being a multi-cultural country, college students could benefit from a higher perception of various nations’ operating environments from their fellow college students.

Why Masters in this specific course and why Kingston University?

User Experience, to me, is an art. It is a concept that can be interpreted in various ways for each individual, which for me, makes it fascinating. My interest in User Experience has grown year after year. Graphic design is a very vast field having many career options. However, I’ve always found that User Experience fuels my creativity and determination, and I am excited to improve the technical skills I already have. I want to indulge deeply into the User Experience world, increasing my knowledge. Right from under graduation, when I was first introduced to the term User Experience Design, I’ve always found it very intriguing.

In this design era, the United Kingdom has been a pioneering leader in technology evolution with the industry giants and that gives me the hope to benefit from this great Endeavour. The decision to pursue postgraduate studies at Kingston University results from worthwhile discussions with my faculty and family members. Browsing through the information brochure and the University’s web page related to the course and its details helped get a better understanding of what is being offered in this course. I have also got in touch with alumni of the Penrhyn Road and Kingston School of Art at Knights Park, who helped me understand how the postgraduate study here holds much promise. The courses’ breadth and depth, coupled with stimulating research, seem to be the right mix for one’s development as a User Experience Designer.

Kingston University has a strong Design division, known for its outstanding facilities, which will be ideal for me to pursue my postgraduate studies. By working under the guidance of accomplished faculty at your department, I am sure I will utilize my potential to the fullest. Interacting with the world’s best minds will be an enriching experience, which will spur me on to be the very best in my field. I eagerly wait for your benevolent act of accepting me into your fold and granting admission to Masters in User Experience Design. If selected for pursuing a Masters’s degree at your institute, I shall try to use my experiences and passion for further study and research. I will try to contribute significantly to the university’s designing community.

Career Plans

As a graduate of this course, I’ll discover career openings in the fields of User Experience in India. By having a Master’s degree, I would be esteemed there and will have an extra preferred standpoint for landing a position in my country. After working for a few years in an organization, I will most likely start my own Design Agency.


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