An Inevitable Scenario of Love in Human's Life: Opinion Essay

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In this world full of different thoughts, every individual has its unique mindset to think deeper and strive for what is right. They need to think critically to cope up with people and understand its true notions. All of us has to know the meaning of self-realization and being conscious to the situations we are in. Then, love came. Love have multiple meanings depending on a person. And love could answer all problems. What is Love? Have you ever experienced loving someone or being loved by someone? Love might be just a four-letter word but it gives everyone different kinds of emotion. It’s simple yet so hard. It’s easy but it’s too difficult. Having this kind of feeling is unstoppable and unpredictable.

Sub-topic 1 [Love]

According to Paulo Coelho, “One is loved, because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.” Love is love. Love is unreasonable. Love is what you feel with a sincere and true feelings. It is a magical feeling which we experience when someone was fascinated and to the point, he/she will know you better and realize that he’s/she’s the one. In your mind, it is hard to believe what causes you to have this feeling but, in your heart, it never lies despite of imperfections. Love is unconditional. Giving your love without any conditions and this is true love. Love puzzles us that leaves mysteries which is complicated. Be someone who sees you as you, who loves you because you are you. Just be yourself and follow your instincts because you only live once. There is no something wrong on trying. It is normal to be in love but always be ready for rejections because not all the times you will get the love you want, there are always consequences. Love plays a huge role in our life. It is the reason why we keep fighting even though we are tired. There are different types of Love. First, ‘Eros’ or Erotic Love where the idea of sexual desire is there. Second is ‘Philia’ or Affectionate Love where it was considered a love between equals or friendship. The third one is ‘Storge’ or Familiar Love, it resembles Philia but without Physical attraction. It often flows between parents and their children and childhood friends. The next one is ‘Ludus’ or Playful Love, it is the affection of young lovers with much more erotic Eros. Fifth, ‘Mania’ or Obsessive Love, it occurs when there is an imbalance between Eros and ludus. Sixth, ‘Pragma’ or Enduring Love, it has aged, matured and developed overtime and occurs when two people have been together for decades. Seventh, ‘Philautia’ or Self Love where we must first care ourselves in order for us to care for others. Lastly, ‘Agape’ or Selfless Love, a pure, selfless and unconditional love. It is the highest expression of love. Love is an indescribable feeling thru a certain person because you don’t even know how you become in love with a certain person you just feel it and tell to yourself that you are in love. Love is also unconditional. Why? “You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.” – Sam Keen. You do not see them on how they look or what flaws they have but instead you see them perfect in your eyes because you’re unconditionally in love with that person. Love is the most powerful thing in the world because it can make you push through your limits despite of what will happen next if you do an act for love. You can do anything with love. It can make you hate things or make dreadful things on some people or some things because you don’t care what will happen but instead you are thinking that it is the right thing because you think that love will never be wrong. But put in your mind that not all the things you think is right is also right from the other person that will experience the effects of the act you made. Love is also acceptance and respect. Sometimes you think that a certain person is the one for you but you never know that he/she might like you or not so you just accept and respect what his/her decisions. Therefore, I conclude that love is unconditional, acceptance, respect and can also make you push through your limits.

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Sub-topic 2 [Happiness]

Most of us think that happiness is what we feel if we get things that we like but it is not just that. Happiness is when your friends are always there to help you on everything or in simple term you have a shoulder to lean on. Happiness is when someone appreciates your work or ideas. Happiness is when your parents are proud of you when you achieve something. Happiness is viewed in many different ways. Happiness is somehow associated with love because through the love of your friends or your family it makes you happy. Unconditional love is really a heartfelt thing, anyone who experienced this can surely relate on how happy they are when they feel they have been loved unconditionally in love. The key to happiness is not just achieving but also expressing your thoughts or your feelings. You express your love to others and that makes you and the other person happy. “Happiness is the experience of loving life. Being happy is being in love with that momentary experience. And love is looking someone or even something and seeing the absolute best in him/her or it. Love is happiness with what you see. So, love and happiness really are the same thing… just expressed differently.”- Robert McPhillips. Do we obtain happiness when we love someone? For me, yes. We obtain happiness because we love to do that things that we really want to do. If we love someone, those people we love make us happy in a same way. If you know that person loves you, which makes you happy. But sometimes, our expectations do not meet sometimes. Sometimes if we love, we have to accept that there are times that the outcomes will results as bad or negative. We feel hurt if we don’t get our expectations. Just like when you fell in love with someone, you really love that person, you are happy because that person makes your day, you are happy because you know that person loves you. But what if you find out that person does not love you anymore? Another example, just like when you have thing that you love to do the most, what if you failed to make the task that you have to do?

“You love it, but are you happy with it?” We have this kind of question for us, as human. Do we need really seek happiness if we loving someone or something? Will love make you happy? To have a beloved, as well as all the thoughts, feelings, and actions that come along with love? The evidence is clear that although love can make you feel happy, it is also bringing a bit of pain and misery. Being in love is associated with emotions of joy and happiness is not just about good feelings, it’s also about the absence of bad ones. It is clear that love does not equal happiness.

Why will love bring on such mix positive and negative experience? As with all things that affect how we feel, the answers lie in attention, love impacts our happiness depending upon how much attention we pay to it. Love is highly seeking attention when there is a lot of uncertainty associated with it. The negative vibes that comes with love is a recipe for experiencing both positive and negative emotions as a result of loving someone. The longer you love someone, the worse you are at knowing what they do and do not like.

Sub-topic 3 [Family]

In our aspects of life, family is very important. Love between families is the bond which should never be broken. It greatly influences our views on relationships and family provides unconditional love. When in times of sorrow and pain like someone passed away, a family becomes stronger but it should consist of support and understanding. Family should help each other because they are connected, not by blood but by love. Love is the ultimate strength of a happy family and it will always be. Our family are the people who loves us so much without any boundaries. It is given that parents would do anything to make their children happy and protect from any harm. Maybe all of us experienced being spanked by our parents to teach us lessons or not allowing us to do what makes us happy. This is their way of showing us that they care and love us. Most of us misunderstood their way of showing their love but we don’t know they only did that because they just want the best for us. Family is where life begins and love never ends. They are always there to care, love and support us. If we’re not good in school, they will still be there. If we failed in our relationships, they will still be there. If we have tons of problems and we don’t know what to do anymore, they will still be there to support and guide us in our lives. Family is the smallest unit of society. Everybody education starts in the family. Love, respect and other good deeds start in a family. Family is where we can truly express ourselves. Family is someone that we can count on. They are the people who accepts who you truly are where no judgement happens and provides all the love and care that they can give to you. It’s not just literally family like our parents, brothers and sisters if they treat you as the same as a family does, they’re still your family. Family is connected to love because love according to Manuel Dy is when a person realized that he is lonely and this loneliness. When you feel empty or lonely, we can always come to our family no matter what happen. They can really help us to solve our problems. Most of the time they are the ones that makes us feel that we are lovable. They cheer us up when we’re down and we can truly trust them. Everybody leaves but not your family. I therefore conclude that no matter what happens family is always there to support you in your life. If you feel empty or lonely, they will always be there for you. Family are all people that respects you, make you feel special and most importantly when you have problem, they provide support.

Sub-topic 4 [Freedom]

Freedom is what we have right now. We do things whatever we want. We choose people to rely on. We decide whatever we want. But in old days, freedom is not in our hands. Our ancient heroes like Lapu-lapu and Dr. jose Rizal fought for freedom. They did what the right thing to do in order to achieve that precious virtue. Until we claim it, at last. The law shapes it, enhances its virtue. And yes, we are allowed to do whatever we want but we must to know our limitations. Yet, some of us, can’t really say that we attain freedom. Letting someone free doesn’t me he/she doesn’t love him/her. Every one of us has our own definition of freedom. We parts ways in order to be responsible. All people are born to be free and with true love it also comes with true freedom. Freedom is what we wake up every day for. It is what we want for our country. freedom is when we can express ourselves without thinking that there might be some people judging us. We can express what we want to express, dress how we like, go anywhere where we want and do what we want as long as it’s within the limit of law and ethics of morality. Freedom also means being yourself and contented with it because you feel accepted and loved.

Everything has a price. If you do things that don’t make sense. You have to face the consequence, even it is your free will, if your will is on the wrong path then you are now missing. Freedom is choosing your path to lead on. Every path has its own way. Some good and some are bad. Choosing our own path is hard. So, you must be careful. The concept we build that ‘Freedom is whatever we want to do.’ is not right. You must to know the limitation of it. Don’t be foolish. If you still go on for that. Then your path is a straight down hell.

In short, freedom is our will. Whether you choose, between the light and the dark. Light will guide you and the dark will consume you.

Sub-topic 5 [God]

Lastly, the most important is the love of our god. His love is unconditional and immeasurable. We may not see him or touch him but we can feel that his love is everywhere. He made everything for us. He even sacrificed his own son in order to save us. He showered us blessings every day even though we commit sins. God is love. God is our Savior. God is Almighty. Our love for God is unconditional. He loves us despite of our sins. God’s love can make everything possible. Nothing is impossible if you believe in God. I always believe in God because He loves me even though I’m a sinner. God’s love is the greatest love of all and we will always cherish it. God means different things on different persons because of their different perspectives. God is the creator of all things that we are touching even us. To show love in our God means loving everything that he made. Appreciating all the things that he made just to make us live happily and peacefully. Doing prayers and also thanking him for the blessings that he gave and will give to us. Being faithful to him can return the favor for what he has done to us. Do not blame god when something bad happens to you because he knows what is the best for you. We might not see him or touch him but we can feel him through his presence. We must thank god for doing everything he can to make us safe every day and we must realize that we need to feed our souls by applying in life the word of God.


Love is truly the most powerful feeling in the world. It is a positive feeling but also gives us negative feeling. Most of us miss concept love as infatuation or admiration. Infatuation is a short-lived passion for someone while love is a deep affection for someone that lasts for long time. Love should not be pictured as an act of possessing. There is freedom to love and it is wrong to control other people. Love plays an important role in our life and it is what keep the world alive.


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