Essays on Aristotle

Early Greek Philosophical Ideas About Nature: Plato Versus Aristotle

Nature can be defined as the natural occurrence of things, or according to Aristotle’s definition, it is the inner principle of change and being at rest. The understanding of nature is one of the most studied concepts in philosophy that goes back to ancient Greek times. Early Greek philosophers did great work in exploring nature,...
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Differing Views Of Motion: Aristotle And Lucretius

Differing Views of Motion: Aristotle and Lucretius Throughout history, scientists and philosophers have tried to use various concepts such as motion to explain order and variety in the world. Two such philosophers are Aristotle and Lucretius. Both philosophers had differing views of the natural world, particularly the order and variety within it, but both philosophers...
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Aristotle: The Definition Of Poetry

Before Poetry, no one wrote seriously about what makes a literary or drama work good or bad. Plato had touched on an article in the Republic, but he put himself to the test of all myths and concluded that poetry and writers should be banned because everything they do is false, and lying is bad...
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The Main Ideas In The Politics By Aristotle

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone talks about natural places for humans? You probably have received many different answers. When we think of the natural place for human beings, everyone has their own beliefs on what may or may not be the most natural place for us humans. When...
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Aristotle: What Is Real Happiness

We may wonder and ask ourselves what real happiness is. How can one’s life be gratified? How can one be happy? Aristotle gave us an ample answer through a system of ethics. Εὐδαιμονία (eudaimonia) is a state of happiness, serene or fulfillment. It is actually the well-being of an individual. The Greek words: “Εὐ (EU)”...
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