Essays on Motion

Differing Views Of Motion: Aristotle And Lucretius

Differing Views of Motion: Aristotle and Lucretius Throughout history, scientists and philosophers have tried to use various concepts such as motion to explain order and variety in the world. Two such philosophers are Aristotle and Lucretius. Both philosophers had differing views of the natural world, particularly the order and variety within it, but both philosophers...
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Experiment: Projectile Motion

Abstract In this experiment, we had to make a guess on two identical balls on which one would land first while one was being thrown and the other one was being launched at the same time, we also tried predicting the landing distance of a ball being launched horizontally. For the exploration part of the...
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Motion And Forces In Bowling

Bowling is one of the most accessible sports in North America and Europe. Bowling consists of a player rolling or throwing a bowling ball toward pins or another target on a close to the frictionless alleyway. Therefore, to achieve the best score in the game many aspects of physics are incorporated to do such. Every...
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