Essays on Philosophical Concept

Reputation, Status, Ma’at, and Free Will: Critical Analysis

“A man is stable if he applies the Rule correctly, (and) follows his path according to the right way. (Thus) he will count (without avidity) his goods, (whereas) the one with the greedy heart will have no tomb.” – Ptah Hotep. Do our lives belong to us? Is our character what we make it? Are...
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Opinion Essay: Do Dreams Reveal Hidden Truths

Do dreams reveal hidden truths? There are many definitions of dreams and one cannot exactly pinpoint a true definition. According to Cambridge dictionary, dreams are a series of events or images that happen in your mind when you are sleeping or it is something that you want to happen very much but that is not...
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People Change In The Truman Show

In life, people change. People change every day, because of the challenges they experience and the people they meet. In “The Truman Show”, Truman’s personality changes throughout the movie. At the beginning of the movie, Truman is unaware of the odd occurrences around him, later Truman’s personality changes to borderline psychotic. At the end of...
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