Essays on Computer Hacking

Hacking: Black Hat, Grey Hat And White Hat Hackers

Introduction: The computer has become a necessity in our daily lives where we are performing all almost all the works by sitting in the house and controlling things with the internet. There is no surprise in even saying that our lives are dependent on the internet and technology. The term internet that we are using...
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Introduction Of Hacking And Types Of Hacking

Introduction of hacking Hacking is defined as to examine the weaknesses in computer system or network to crack its security to gain access or an unauthorized way to breakdown computer network security e.g. hackers could change or delete information such as altering websites planting trojans and it could also mean to imply a specific computer...
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New Type Of White Crime: Insider Hacking

Abstract Insider hacking consists of cybercrimes against entities initiated by individuals who hold a legitimate trust relationship with that entity. The responsibility of preventing insider hacking falls to information technology (IT) or information security departments staffed by computing professionals. The same can be said about research into the prevention of insider hacking, computing-centric academics/professionals do...
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