Essays on Graphic Design

Origins And Purpose Of Environmental Graphic Design

The roots of Environmental Graphic Design can be traced all the way back to cave paintings. This act of illustrating stories on the walls of a cave is not too dissimilar to the way we adorn our environments today. Design is used to tell a story, to communicate an idea. This has only gotten more...
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Exploring The Components And Possibilities Of Environmental Graphic Design

In cities, we are constantly presented with signals that inform communication between the environment and the people who interact with it. Wayfinding systems which include maps and signs help to direct people to nearby destinations while address numbers exist to aid navigation in larger urban areas. Public art can create a connection between an environment’s...
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My Understanding Of Experiential Graphic Design

What is my understanding of experiential graphic design? Experiential graphic design to me is a way to communicate everyday scenarios with innovative design placement. This can be from looking at a directory at the shops to a sculpture in your city. When I think of an experiential graphic design I mostly think of wayfinding, I...
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The Influence Of Colour In Graphic Design

Design is something that surrounds us daily. This could be found in something as simple as a wrapper on a water bottle to the imagery on a t-shirt. The main key in design lies in the placement and colours used in the imagery. Graphic design allows us to communicate visually. Although its something that may...
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The Relationship Between Technology And Graphic Design

The requirements of a graphic designer changed dramatically with the introduction of the personal computer as a design tool. A certain level of credibility was injected into the profession since designers were no longer viewed as a profession where designers played with their coloured pencils and markers but instead showcases great skills on a machine...
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The Grit Of Graphic Design And Field Analysis

Graphic design combines both art and technology to effectively communicate information in a visually pleasing way. Graphic designers are highly involved in many different aspects of the business world, such as product design, advertising or branding, and entertainment. With technology expanding rapidly, graphic design is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. Detailed Analysis...
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The Past, Present, And Future Of Graphic Design

Graphic designers are more important now than ever before. A graphic designer is someone who uses visual concepts that they designed to communicate ideas and captivate consumers. Graphic design is used by companies to sell and promote their products, or to develop a brand identity through the use of logos, graphics and colors. In order...
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The Relevance Of Social Responsibility To Graphic Design Discipline

The paper will investigate the subject of identifying the two variables; which are culture and graphic design; it will review different aspects of culture and see if society has been influenced by graphic design. It will also touch briefly on the dependency of graphic design on our community. And will explore in-depth the history of...
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