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I was taught the core values of focus, determination and work ethic at a very young age by God’s given teachers.

Despite all the odds, obstacles and challenges placed before them, My parents who are very disciplined, strong-willed and tenacious individuals put in countless number of hours in their effort to establish a business in Nigeria during the global recession in 2008. Their aspired success was inevitable due to their diligence and a strong belief in their own conviction. The delight they took in the launch of their startup in the hospitality industry motivated me to follow their ideals. I came to terms knowing that the satisfaction and fulfilment that arrives after facing challenges and emerging victorious is priceless. From childhood, my parents have always taught me there are only two clear options (1) To embrace fear and stay in your comfort zone or (2) To rise to the occasion and seize the opportunity.

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Growing up, I would read through the profiles of the corporate elite, successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and top managers in leading corporations. It became increasingly clear that a compelling majority of them started early in their business careers and with a marked degree of determination. Realizing my affinity for finance as a subject area, I, therefore, decided to get involved as soon as possible by pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Igbinedion University Okada (Nigeria). Conquering that first field of my life’s goal left me wanting more. It was a very invigorating experience. It pushed me to believe anything was possible if you put your mind to it. I concluded during my senior year that I’d crown my academic achievement with enrolling into an MBA program. A program that would not only catapult me into a different realm of intellectual exposure but also strengthen the foundation of what I look forward to becoming in life.

My post-MBA career goal is to work with a top-notch company in Nigeria and work my way up to head one of their senior financial management positions. Such an experience will broaden my horizon to face obstacles in the global financial services industry and bring in unlimited opportunities to innovate and add value.

In addition, using what I’ve learned to take my parents’ hospitality brand to the next level. Revolutionizing the way business is done back in “motherland”. With hopes of one starting my own company and carving a niche in this big world while building it up into becoming a diversified conglomerate, a brand that would be respected globally.

I have a strong desire to give back to my community and impact lives through philanthropy by helping the less privileged and giving scholarships to the financially disadvantaged, who don’t have the opportunities I have blessed with. This is important because I understand the enormity of the man’s responsibility to its fellow with, the eagerness to agitate the status-quo, advocate for human progress and create hope of a better tomorrow for the world.

I’ve held various positions of leadership overtime as a head boy in my high school and a member of the student representative council in my previous university. I’m hardworking, charismatic, innovative, ambitious and driven to succeed. In a people-driven financial services enterprise, the greatest asset is people-their knowledge, charisma, loyalty and balanced with organizational goals.

I have a top-notch transcript, impeccable recommendations, and an awesome heart.

An MBA degree from UAlbany’s – School of Business is crucial towards achieving my career goals at this stage in my career. I’m looking forward to leaving my mark on the world. You won’t regret accepting me into your MBA program with my strengthens and weaknesses combined. Having my GMAT score happens to be one of those weaknesses but my strengthens will definitely outweigh that. I’ve left a vital imprint of greatness on everywhere I’ve been placed and can’t wait to leave one on UAlbany. 


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