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Looking for an adventure holiday destination than hill stations and beach destinations where you can have a close encounter with wildlife?. Then Darrah National Park at Mukundra Hills is located on the borders of Kota town in Rajasthan, a northwestern state of India.The perfect destination for you with the rich heritage of flora and fauna. This exquisite park is located between the Mukundra and Gagrola mountains and four rivers that flows near the boundaries of the valley they are Ramzan, Kali, Chambal, and Ahu. This National park makes you are vacation a memorable one with your family and friends.

The major attraction of this national park is the endangered species like a wild bear, tiger, hyena, Sloth bear, leopards and so on. This national park is not only famous for its fauna but also for its flora which consists of rare species of plants and many medicinal herbs.

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If you are a bird watcher or a photographer then Darrah National Park at Mukundra Hills is the perfect stop for bird watching as this place contains more than 266 bird species. This Mukundra hill National park also popularly known as the tiger reservoir which is the third tiger reservoir among the other two tiger reservoirs in Rajasthan.

Darrah National Park in Mukundra Hills covering an area of 759 square km spreads across four districts which are Kota, Bundi, Chittorgarh, and Jhalawar.

If you are planning to spend your holiday by visiting this national park the nearest airport to Mukundra hill Darrah National Park is Udaipur airport from their Kota town is 300 km from Udaipur airport you can take a railway service or taxi and reach this national park.

The nearest railway station to Mukundra hill Darrah National Park is the Kota railway station which is 50 km from the national park. Bus service is also available in Kota to reach this national park, based on your comfort you can select the mode of transport to reach this national park.

Tourist needs to take permit letter from the local forest ranger to visit this national park or a get a letter from the district forest office near Kota tourist office. Without this permit letter, they won’t allow entering the national park.

Fun activities at Darrah National Park

Are you enthusiastic about the adventurous activity? then you should opt for jungle safari where you can have encounters with the wild beast in close proximity which is fun and definitely bring goosebumps. If you are an animal lover this safari provides a good opportunity to observe and understand these wild animals’ daily systems.

If you are a nature lover then you can go for trekking along with friends and family venturing in the hills where you can see different plant species and birds. Darrah National Park provides a lifetime experience.

You may be wondering how about facilities(food and water) forest department owns a rest house in the national park which provide accommodation to the tourist. Which is fully secure and very comfortable with all the amenities.

Summing up

Are you an adventurous person who wants to explore wildlife? then plan a trip to Rajasthan Darrah National Park. Pack you are bag and explore the mother earth.


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