Essays on National Parks

General Overview Of Sagarmatha National Park

The beautiful country located in the Himalayan mountain region. Nepal has an enthralling valley and the World’s highest peak Mount Everest that gives the tourist a transcendental experience. Moreover, this place is the best vacation destination in the scorching summer at a reasonable price. Here there are numerous sightseeing places among these few are ancient...
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General Overview Of Simlipal National Park

The picturesque place is home to wildlife and the beautiful waterfalls and rivers. This national park as more than 1000 different varieties of plant species. Along with this 96 species of orchids which make visitors awestruck with its amazing natural beauty. This park located in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. One can plan a visit...
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General Overview Of Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park: Located somewhere between paradise and your imagination is the breathtaking Kakadu National Park. Kakadu National Park covers over 20,000 square kilometres of biodiversity and is filled with picturesque scenes full of wildlife and is home to sacred and cultural Aboriginal rock art. Kakadu can be found in the Northern Territory and is...
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General Overview Of Darrah National Park

Looking for an adventure holiday destination than hill stations and beach destinations where you can have a close encounter with wildlife?. Then Darrah National Park at Mukundra Hills is located on the borders of Kota town in Rajasthan, a northwestern state of India.The perfect destination for you with the rich heritage of flora and fauna....
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General Overview Of Everglades National Park

Geological origins South Florida lies within the Atlantic Coastal Plain province which is divided into seven different sub provinces. The Everglades subprovince forms an elongated, south-dipping, low lying area. It’s series of large wetlands located on southern tip of Florida, meaning that water meets the land in most places. The landscape we see today in...
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Assessing Effects Of Human Development Activities On Conservation Of Roan Antelopes Of Ruma National Park

Abstract This study is to be undertaken in Ruma national park, a highly productive but less recognized protected area located to the western side of Kenya. The park is about 120km2 in area situated in the floor of Lambwe valley between Gwasi and Kanyamwa escarpments. This place is the home of locally endangered roan antelopes...

Assessing The Effects Of Human Activities On Wildlife Within Rimoi National Reserve, Kenya

Abstract Humans are liable for causing most of the environmental changes that harm animals and plant species existence. They take up more space on earth for settlements and urbanization thus polluting habitats for wildlife. Illegal hunting and killing animals and bringing in exotic species into these habitats are too involved. These activities results to loss...
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