General Overview Of Simlipal National Park

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The picturesque place is home to wildlife and the beautiful waterfalls and rivers. This national park as more than 1000 different varieties of plant species. Along with this 96 species of orchids which make visitors awestruck with its amazing natural beauty. This park located in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. One can plan a visit to this national park on their trip to Odisha. Moreover, the park is surrounded by thick forest and beautiful meadows where visitors can have a close encounter with wild animals.

Whoever visits this Simlipal national park never gets bored or disappointed, unlike other national parks. As it is a part of both tiger and elephant reserve. Besides this, it is one of the 7th largest national parks in India. The rich flora and fauna in the park attract a large number of tourists. The interesting fact about the national park is. As a large number of red skill cotton trees are growing here hence the national park gets the name Simlipal. Jeep safari into the wild and stay at the forest rest house.

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How to reach? One can reach the Simlipal national park either from Bhubaneswar airport or Kolkata airport. The much-preferred means of travel to the national park is a direct cab ride from Kolkata. Numerous cabs facilities were available for the national park which roughly takes around 8 hours and the total distance is 240 km. The nearest railways are the Balasore railway station which is around 60 km from Baripada.

Simlipal National Park


The Reserve is popular for its wildlife. It is heaven for wildlife lovers and adventure lovers. Trekking in the amid of dense forest with wildness is a thrilling experience for the trekkers. The famous wild animals here are Bengal tiger, Elephants, gaur, and so on. Besides this, more than 230 wide varieties of bird species can be seen here. This park is an amazing place for bird watchers.


The best activity at the national park is jeep safari. In fact, here tourist can take their own private vehicles for the safari by getting permission at the entrance. Hire a guide who helps with the route in the dense forest both in and out. Besides this jeep safari in the national park, you can also take an elephant ride. This gives you a chance to explore the jungle with the elephant ride.

Stay at National Park

Take a break by relaxing at the national park resorts. Here one can stay for a maximum of 3 days whereas a minimum of one night. Apart from these close by there are numerous hotels for the visitors to stay. When you visit the Simlipal National Park make sure you plan a stay at the national park resort in amid of the dense forest and the natural beauty.

Best time to visit

When you visit places like national park it is very important to know the information about the weather condition and favorable months to visit. In winters temperature drops up to 14 degrees whereas in summer it will be extremely hot. So suitable time is June to November months.

Tips to follow

  1. Carry a mosquito repellent with you while travelling to a national park as it is forest mosquito bites are quite common.
  2. Carry sufficient water with you to keep yourself hydrated.
  3. Avoid wearing bright color dresses and don’t play loud music as it will disturb the pleasant atmosphere in the park as well as animals.


When you plan a trip to Odisha make sure you visit this amazing UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. That offers numerous activities like trekking, safari in the amid of mountains, rivers, and waterfalls. Never miss the opportunity to have an elephant ride in the midst of the dense jungle.


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