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Unusual Immigration And Future Immigration Reform

It has been an unusual migration of people in the last fifty years in the history of the United States transforming the political and social landscape of this immigrant nation. The transformation created unusual circumstances and pressure for people who came here and for people who were already here. US Government is working on immigration...
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Underrepresentation Of Hispanics In Government

In such a wonderfully diverse world, it could be assumed that candidates running for office would be equally, if not more, diverse. The United States of America is founded on the idea that all men are created equal and there has always been a prominent idea of The American Dream, or the idea that the...
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Hispanics As The Largest Minority In The United States

Hispanics are becoming the largest minority in the United States that face many problems in the United States. The problem that Hispanic minorities face is that they are struggling with language barriers within human services in the community. The root of the problem is that there are not enough bilingual professionals in practice to help...
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