Essays on Historical Figures

The Trial Of Joan Of Arc

Joan of Arc was a deeply religious person, who believed she was hearing voices from God to help the French defeat the English and defend Catholicism. She lead the french army to a victory in the Hundred Years’ War after experiencing visions fromGod in which she was encouraged to bring them to victory to defend...
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Analysis Of Terrorism In America From The Colonial Period To John Brown

What historical problem is the author addressing? In the article Terrorism in America from the colonial Period to John Brown, Matthew Jennings addresses violence and the history of terrorism through explanation of past acts of terror. Throughout history many injustices have been done unto minorities. Jennings outlines the experiences endured by a variety of individuals...
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Biography Of Anne Boleyn

Anne’s life span was short. The birth date of Anne is still currently unknown. Historians guess that she only lived for about 26 years. Anne Boleyn had two siblings, a sister and a brother. Her younger sister’s name was Mary Boleyn, and a brother whose name is George Boleyn, it is unknown if he was...
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Most Famous Sister Rivalries In The History

Most of the people consider sibling rivalry as a childhood phenomenon, and to some extent it is. But in some cases, it brings out the absolute worst in us if it grows into envy in later life. While most parents love their adult kids, it’s surprisingly normal for a parent to be closer to or...
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Comparison Of Gandhi And Ambedkar

The essay Gandhi and Ambedkar irreconcilable differences by the author Akash Singh is a very apt and curious look into the politico history of India. In this essay, he attempts to draw the attention of the reader to the irreconcilable differences between Ambedkar and Gandhi. The essay is complete with anecdotes, historical event descriptions and...
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Napoleonic Wars And Reasons Leaded To Them

To understand the Napoleonic wars, first of all, it is necessary to know their historical context, the years of revolution that precede them, the great hierarchical change, the abolition of the monarchy, the importance of the ideals thought and executed in the illustration, the great global influence of them and the figure of a historical...
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Fact Vs. Fiction Of John Proctor

Authors who constantly write historical fiction use specific historical events in order to create the basis of their novel. In many cases, authors will purposefully alter certain events to help persuade the reader to an explicit point of view. Take for example Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Miller changes factors such as characterization of characters and...
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Harriet Tubman: Comparing The Strategies Of Abolitionists

Throughout history and particularly around the 1840s, many abolitionists have contributed to the rescuing of indentured servants and slaves under the control of white-southern plantation owners. Using the underground railroad to provide passage to these slaves, they made trips under the cover of night by foot and wagon, so as not to be caught as...
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Harriet Tubman: Biography

Harriet Tubman was born between 1820-1821 in Maryland as a slave and had eight other siblings. She was born as Araminta Ross but she is not famous with it. After she run away from slavery, she changed her name to Harriet Tubman. When she was only 5 years old, her owner rented her to his...
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