Importance Of Design In The Fabrication Of A Product

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Designing is the process of visualizing and planning the fabrication of a product. Everything in your surrounding is based on design. From the chair to the television. Not just the physical objects, even the virtual objects like motion graphics, brand logos or even the comics you read everything needs to be designed. Everything is designed first before creating or manufacturing it.

Designing is a vast field with excellent career opportunities in various industries, and it is the best career option for creative people. Universities offer many design courses these days, but the best design courses are Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Communication Design and Industrial Design.

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For the undergraduate degree, an individual is eligible if they have passed 10+2 from a recognized board. Candidates from any stream (Science/Commerce/Humanities) can apply for the undergraduate courses. Admission in some colleges is based on the candidate’s score in a particular entrance exam while other colleges give admission merely based on the 10+2 percentage. Some of the top design colleges in India are National Institute of Design, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Indian Institute of Art and Design, Symbiosis International University.

There are various types of design career that allows you to follow your passion and earn well at the same time. Graphic designing is one of the most widely recognized jobs in designing. Graphic designers are visual communicators—they design visuals with the help of pictures, text or graphics to convey a message. The brand logos, product packaging, billboards, book covers, everything is designed by a graphic designer. Graphic designers may work autonomously as freelancers or on a contractual basis, or in an office setting. A graphic designer can also work as a Creative Director, who manages the creative team of a company. They can also work as an Art Director who oversees the production artists and the illustrators and is the coordination link between the two, to ensure that the projects are finished as scheduled.

Video game designing is one captivating job in the industry, and it is among the highest-paid fields. The work of the video game designer is to draw up the concept of the game based on the intended audience and the bringing it to life. The create the characters for the game, develop a plot and create the user interface.

Another illustrious career in designing is Interior Designing. Interior designers’ job is to create eye-pleasing or artistic rooms and spaces. The clients of an interior designer vary from the homeowners to the big corporates. An interior designer ensures that the space looks aesthetic, is functional and safe while meeting the requirements of the client. From the living room in your house to the hotels you stay in, your office, an interior designer, designs everything. An interior designer is generally a self-employed entity who must form a customer base. There are diverse areas like corporate design, healthcare design, sustainable design, kitchen and bath design, in which interior design can specialize.

Fashion designing is another fascinating career in the design field. It is one of the high-paying and alluring profession choices. A fashion designer’s job is to design apparel and lifestyle accessories. An individual with a relative background can work in areas like fashion marketing, fashion consultant, costume designer, fabric quality control manager or if they want, they can also start their own clothing line.

It does not end here; an individual can also work in fields like web designing, motion graphics, product development, design management, corporate communications. With the advancement in technology and flourishing multinational companies, the demand for designers is increasing at a fast pace.


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