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Problem Of Corruption in Kenya

Kenya’s competitive edge has long been held back by high corruption levels that have infiltrated each and every sector of the economy. Kenya ranked 137th out of 180 countries in the Corruption Perceptions Index in 2019, with a perceived corruption score of 28 out 100 of the countries public sector (Where 0 is perceived as...
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Water Supply: A Severe Water Crisis In Kenya

In the far side of Africa lies a country that severely lacks a critical ingredient required for their survival. With an overcrowded population of 46 million and growing, the Kenyan water supply isn’t getting any better. Can you believe that 18.8 million Kenyans still rely on unimproved water sources, such as ponds, shallow wells and...
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General Overview Of Kenya: Analytical Essay

Kenya is a developing country located on the eastern coast of Africa with over 500 kilometres of coastline to the Indian ocean (Figure 1). The population in 2017 was 48.7 million but today is over 52 million, with approximately 5 million living in the countries capital Nairobi (Figure 2). The rest of the population lives...
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Colonization In Africa: Case Study Of Kenya

Africa has had a tough past. The race for Europeans to colonize Africa began in the 1400’s. This time may be hard to look back at for many native Africans. Their ancestors were kicked out of their own kingdom by new coming egocentric Europeans. One country that went through such a brutal time was East...
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General Overview Of Rainfall Pattern In East Africa

Rainfall is a renewable resource, highly variable in space and time and subject to depletion or enhancement due to both natural and anthropogenic causes. Therefore, knowing the variations in the general rainfall pattern is valid to understand the climate change variations. Rainfall occupies an important position in the climatic studies of any region as it’s...
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Kenya: Sovereignty, Legitimacy And Bureaucracy

My country of choice is Kenya. Kenya is a country in East Africa and is bonded to an Indian Ocean coastline. The country has a population of about 52.2 million and the country is ranked as 27th most populous country. The country capital is Nairobi city, the country is bordered by Ethiopia on the north,...
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Assessing The Effects Of Human Activities On Wildlife Within Rimoi National Reserve, Kenya

Abstract Humans are liable for causing most of the environmental changes that harm animals and plant species existence. They take up more space on earth for settlements and urbanization thus polluting habitats for wildlife. Illegal hunting and killing animals and bringing in exotic species into these habitats are too involved. These activities results to loss...

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