Link Between Sexual Health And Well Being

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I have a friend that does not make the best sexual decisions, currently, she is not on birth control of any kind, and the amount of sexual partners that she has been with is up there. She has had more than one pregnancy scare, from missing her period, using the withdrawal method with less than timed withdrawal. Withdrawal being her main method of birth control, she tends to trust the guys when it comes to them having been tested, and doesn’t get tested her self very often, we have been friends for 16 years and she has been tested one time. Not only is the chance of her acquiring a sexually transmitted disease high, but so is her chance of an unplanned pregnancy.

There are many ways to help my friend to improve her sexual health and well being, first of all being birth control of some form. The best being an IUD with the lowest failure percentage. However, each has their own risks and advantages, and this is something that you should discuss thoroughly with your health provider to determine what birth control method is best for you. Along with a hormonal birth control, a condom would help reduce her risk, however they do not reduce the risk completely, of sexually transmitted diseases and further reduce the risk of birth control failure.

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Along with getting on birth control with the number of sexual partners that my friend has been involved with, she should get tested at the minimum yearly, preferably before every partner. However with the amount of partners that she has been involved with, a schedule of 3-6 months may be a more ideal amount to receive testing. Not only can she get tested by her provider, but she can also go to places that provide free testing services, for example in Jackson County at JCPH.

The next prevention strategy that I would like to talk to you about involves having a solo sex life, and waiting to have sex with your partner. You do not always need a partner to have an active sex life, not only does exploring yourself feel good but it can help you to figure out what feels good. By exploring your body, you in turn know what you like which can increase that pleasure that you get out of your partnered sex life.

Along with a solo sex life, waiting to have sex can not only be incredibly erotic, but reduces your chance of unplanned pregnancy and receiving a STI. Masturbating beside each other is a good method to both be involved in the interaction without increasing your chances of STI’s or unplanned pregnancy. Some of these methods still have some risk involved but less so than having sex, such as making out, and hand jobs, or finger banging along with Oral sex. The risk is lower with all of these however that does not mean that there is no risk an you should still regularly receive testing.

A good source to pursue other knowledge is from your medical provider, they are knowledgeable, but also someone you can confide your sexual tendencies to. Not only is your doctor a good source of information but so is your doctors office, there are often pamphlets for you to take home and read and to further your knowledge of birth control methods or STI’s. Continuing to talk to your health care provider will not only allow them to adjust your health care to fit your sexual background. Health care is always evolving, determining new things everyday, with continuing education your health care provider is often up to date on many of the new discoveries that could continue to happen over your life time. For this to be effective however, you need to be able to be very open with your provider and tell them every aspect of your sex life, they are there to help you to remain healthy not to judge you based one your sexual tendencies.

Another source that you should take advantage of is the internet, yes, not everything on the internet is true. However, if you know how to properly use it, information is being updated daily, not only can you stay up to date on STI treatments, but on birth control methods. You can help to inform your self before going to a provider so you know questions that you would like to ask and clarify before hand. This is also an ever evolving source of information with the flow being constant, as the years change so does the information so that you can stay up to date. Almost everyone has a smart phone, which is basically a computer in your hand, put it to use to inform your self for your sexual well-being.  


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