New York City And The Statue Of Liberty: A Descriptive Essay

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Imagine that you’re on a tall skyscraper, feeling the wind rush pass you and hearing all the commotion and city noises as you stand up there. You can see for miles upon miles and you can even probably smell the food carts. That’s what being/living in New York City is like or as others call it, the city that never sleeps. New York City is a part of New York, one of the many 50 states of America. New York City is the birthplace and home to Broadway and musicals. For instance, Newsies, West Side Story, etc. New York City is a very busy place with an almost constant honking of cars stuck in traffic or even the countless amounts of people taking the subway or walking above ground on the sidewalk. Almost always you’ll probably bump into someone at least twice. New York is filled to the brim with tall skyscrapers and flashing lights, mainly in Times Square, the center of New York City. As you walk through New York, you’ll most likely end up smelling all of the various food carts that are around the streets or even the water that borders the island of New York City.

New York City was founded back in 1624 and had served as the capital of the United States from 1785 to 1790. New York was and still is the country’s largest city since 1790. New York is home to the Statue of Liberty, a gift that was given to the United States from France to commemorate the alliance of the French and the United States during the American Revolution. Not only is New York home to the Statue of Liberty, but also home to many famous skyscrapers, like the Empire State Building, the World Trade Centers, and the Trump Tower. The most historic downfalls that happened in New York was the Stock Market crash, which is what started the Great Depression, and most infamously 9/11, where the Twin Towers; World Trade Center One and World Trade Center Two, were struck down by two planes in 2001. As of 2017, New York’s population has been estimated to reach 8.5 million people living in one small, crowded city.

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New York has a variety of sights, sounds, and smells; ranging from the smell of the sewers, to the smell of freshly baked pizzas. Some of New York’s sights include the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller, Times Square, and last but not least, Central Park. Along with those tourist attractions, there’s also the five boroughs of New York; Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and of course Manhattan. Almost all of the New York tourist attractions are mainly held in Manhattan, for example, the Empire State Building; standing at a whopping 1,250 ft. and 1,454 ft. at the tip of the massive skyscraper, Central Park; the biggest park known to New Yorkers that probably don’t want to or just won’t leave, covering over 848 acres of land. Times Square; the biggest and flashiest light show you probably will ever see, not only is Times Square known for its flashy LED advertisements, but is also known for where the ball drops, starting off the new year. Finally Rockefeller, where the biggest Christmas Tree is held in New York. Most of the sounds New York is home to is the nearly endless honking of cars that sound like it goes on for miles upon miles. Other than the honking of countless cars, you’ll also end up hearing an endless chatter amongst the people around you along with the ceaseless march of the people walking to their destinations.


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