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The Civil Rights Struggle in Virginia: Impact of Jim Crow Laws

Introduction The struggle for civil rights in both Virginia and the entire country has its roots in the history of both Virginia and the United States. There were major periods of improvement and devastating setbacks that occurred for equal rights. The largest proponents in the ongoing and epic struggle is embedded in Virginia’s history and...
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General Overview Of Alaska: History And Resources

Alaska has amazing beauty and resources. Alaska was previously owned by Russia in the 1870s.(purchase 1)Although some may not agree, Alaska has a lot of history and resources. Alaska has a lot of history and a lot of this history is very important. Alaska has cold rivers and tall mountains (Zimmerman). The tallest mountain in...
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Water Quality in West Virginia

Abstract The quality of water in West Virginia is very inadequate. It is laced with a chemical called C8. This chemical is extremely dangerous and has caused many health issues. C8 found itself in West Virginia’s water because of a company named DuPont. DuPont used this chemical for the distribution of Teflon. During the production...
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General Overview Of West Virginia: Analytical Essay

Introduction I chose the state of West Virginia because it was the first state I thought of this is because of the song “Take me home, Country roads” from John Denver, I always sing this song when I go on camp. I think West Virginia is small but that it does have a lot to...
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The Efforts In Controlling The HIV Outbreak In Texas

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This virus attacks the body’s immune system. HIV has affected many States worldwide. Texas is one of the states that have been affected by this virus. To understand the impact that HV has on this state, it will be beneficial to know the background of this state, the background...
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Alaska Airlines: Case Study

Introduction: Alaska airlines was started in the year 1932 as McGee airways. It is aligned with star air service in 1934 and later evolved as a biggest air service provider in Alaska which gradually became Alaska airlines. It progressed from a zonal airline to international carries. It carries around 44 million people across 118 destinations....

Los Angeles International Airport: Case Study

Abstract This research project will explore Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and present information on its facility, organization and future. LAX is one of the largest airports in the United States and is home to many of the largest carriers in the world. These include US Airway, Delta, United, Hawaiian, and Alaskan to name a...
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Music In Chicago: Rap, Jazz, Hip-hop

In central Nebraska, we would work hard. We worked hard all day and every day, in the field and in the classroom. We worked early on cold winter mornings, breaking ice on the water tanks as our breath floated into the frigid air. We worked in the middle of hot summer days, fixing pivots while...
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Become a Preschool Teacher in West Virginia: Analytical Essay

Intro Early Childhood Education is one area where our nation lags behind the rest of the developed world. Only 54% of children in the United States are enrolled in pre-school, compared to 80% for the rest of the world. We trail even Chile and Mexico in how we prepare our youngest children. However, in 2018,...
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