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Contrasting Musical Styles: Pop Versus Country

Style 1 Pop Genres like rock and roll influenced pops inception. Artists such as The Beatles and Elvis transformed Rock and Roll into Pop Music. They did this in the beginning of the 60s to the beginning of the 70s. ‘Many cultural movements of the 1960s were assisted or inspired by the Beatles’ One of...

Anime And Manga: History Of Development

In this use case I will be looking at how anime/manga has spread out and circulated throughout the world using a large fan-base, modern-day technology and through the available online societies. The main reason for the circulating of manga is the major fan base it has built globally over the last couple of years. Everywhere...
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Essence Of Pop Culture: Opinion Essay

Popular culture embodies the beliefs, ideas, perspectives, attitudes, and images of various cultures. We all play part in pop culture. Pop culture has different categories, although some are more popular than others. Pop cultures are trends that are influenced by mass media, music movies, popular figures, politics, fashion sports as well as news. It is...
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Pop Culture Playful or Pervasive: Annotated Bibliography

Abstract Hong Kong and Mainland China have had a rather cordial history dating back to 1997, post 150 years of british colonisation. However, in recent times conflicts have emerged due to legislative threats to civil liberties, spiralling the relationship between the two nations into absolute turmoil, creating the worst political crisis since rule. Interestingly, pop...
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Bee Gees: Influence On Popular Culture

Their early success in Australia, such as hosting a television show and recording two studio albums in 1965-1966, gained them an Australian following that boosted their career while in Britain. Not only did an Australian audience support them, but their presence on the Top hits was an effective representation of Australians when the industry was...

Beatlemania's Contribution To Pop Culture In Australia

How did Beatlemania contribute to pop culture in Australia? The Beatles came to Australia in 1964 and toured around Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. They were in Australia for a total of 4 days before leaving again to continue being the biggest band in the world. Pop culture in Australia was heavily impacted in the 60s...
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Anime As A Common Form Of Entertainment

Anime is cartoons that originate and are published in Japan. Anime has a unique way of portraying stories, unlike cliche American films. Anime studios have such small budgets but produce films that exceed many American films. According to the definition from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, anime and mangas are far one of a kind...
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Influence Of Pop Culture On Young Generation: Opinion Essay

Today’s popular culture has been liked with technology. we live in time of invitation, technology where modern youth have accessibility to technology between smartphones, laptops and other social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, snapchat, Instagram) to name the few. Todays youth can participate in popular culture either by following their favourite artist, actor or sport athletics....
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