Reflection on Who Am I: My Feelings and Intellect

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Sadhana refers to the cleansing of one’s own misdeeds, fault-lines, scouring and replacing it with gentleness, goodness. Usually, our faults are not understood. This work has to be done by the introverted intellect. Introspection, self-improvement, self-building, self-development, these four subjects should be tested on every criterion with a view to rigorous review. Efforts should be made to resolve the defects which are seen.

The brain is a direct wisdom tree, life’s activity and vitality are dependent on the functioning of the brain. The entire body of personality is manufactured here. This is the power house from where the physical senses receive power. Not only physical activities, control of thoughts and emotions – regulation is also done from here.

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Let us know the use of body and mind devices and be ready for the same purposes, for which this best body of life, beautiful human life has become available. The soul is in fact a sacred part of the divine, it is full of the greatest excellence. He can make the world more beautiful and well-equipped, his thinking and hard work should be planned in this direction. This is self-realization and spiritual life.

Just as the physical energy is seen invisible, in spite of the invisible motion of the fan, the light in the bulb, the heat in the heater, in the same way, that spirit is called affectionate mother, sometimes a father, sometimes a father, sometimes with a call to the sacred heart. Appears as a protector, makes him realize his power and keeps raining grants.

Who am I? I asked this question countless times. How many months and years passed with this question, now it is not even possible to calculate it. Every time the intellect tried to give an answer, read and listen, the answer of the rites. But all these answers were never satisfied, because all these answers were borrowed, dead. Each time the echoes on the surface dissolved somewhere. No sound was heard in the depths of the conscience. These answers were not accessible where the question was.

The feeling was so sure that the question was somewhere at the center, while the answers were on the periphery. The question sprouted at the end, while the solution was imposed from outside. This understanding revolutionized life as it is. The illusion of intelligence is broken. And a new door opened in insight. It was as if the light had suddenly come out in the darkness. In the depths of our own consciousness, we started realizing that some seed is craving for the vision of light by piercing the land. The main obstacle in this is the illusion of intellectualism.

This new understanding filled the inner light with light. The answers imposed by the intellect fell like dry leaves. The question deepened. This whole process continued in the witnessing sense. Perimeter reactions began to fall, the silence of the center began to become vocal. Who am I? The whole personality was moved with thirst for this question. Who am I? Every breath was staggered by the loud blows of this question. Like a fire flame, this hunk echoed in the depths of us – Who am I?

It was astonishing, in such a way that the intellect which always gave new arguments was silent. Today there was silence on the periphery, only the center was vocal. It was as if I had become the question. And then a huge explosion occurred in the inter-power. Everything changed in an instant. The question was over, the melody of the solution began to reverberate. And then this feeling was born – there is a solution, not in word, but in zero. There is an answer in becoming silent. The truth is that samadhi is the solution.


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