The Significance Of College Education

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For 18 years, I have resided in a community that emphasizes the significance of college education. While in my last grade in high school, my home church conducted several meeting for students in the last grade. The main discussion was the importance of studying hard so that one could be enrolled in college. Our pastor continually emphasized that college is the key, as a person who attends the college will help in the development of the society. Every discussion I attended brought light to me and encouraged me to maximize my time while in the last grade in order to achieve my dream. my ambitions were to be a manager as such I had to go to a college to gain the knowledge required in this professional. Furthermore, my dad was a national bank manager, which encouraged me to pursue this profession because since kindergarten my family had never experienced financial difficulties. As such, my endeavour in high school has been geared towards accomplishing my goal. I completed my high school education and attained good grade that enabled me to proceed to college where I was enrolled in the college of management. I was elated my dream of becoming a manager was too close now.

However, I had managed to secure a place in the college of management; I had a problem with keeping time. I am a procrastinator, a problem that have haunted me since I was young. Therefore, I have a challenge in the management of my time although being enrolled in the college of management i hope to overcome it. As such, I had discovered that it was simple for me to concentrate on my work in the field as I watch other students play I could skim through my English book and this paid off in my final exam. Most of the students enrolled in the college of management were good time managers as most of them could concentrate on their work and finished assignments on time but for me this was a huge challenge.

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Nevertheless, in this semester I have learnt that time management is vital especially for managers. As such, i had to pursue my goal and I realized that it was possible to be a good time manager. I attended meetings and discussions in the college in order to overcome my laziness and be a good timekeeper. It took me several meetings and discussions but eventually I managed to keep my time. Additionally, while attending those discussions I could talk to the students maintains silence and that is where I learnt that I was a leader as the students could obey me and listened to me quietly.

I have perceived myself as a leader and whenever I attended those discussions, I feel a sense of belonging there and that I could not miss any discussion or a meeting. The difference between me and the other students is that it is as if I was born a leader but had not realized it as I could lead them naturally and all the students liked me. This was because in every decision I made I involved the opinion of everyone. I was a democratic leader. Other leaders in the college were authoritative and never listened to the student’s opinions.

The only thing that makes me exceptional is being a lovable person, and being always there to assist anyone who is in need.


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