True Friendship: What Does It Mean For Me

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True friendship changes a person. It builds them up and instills priceless comfort and surety in one’s life. The friendship they share provides strength, courage, a sense of security and self-confidence. This comes with knowing there is always that one person on their side, in their corner, no matter what. Not everyone finds a friendship like theirs; it reaches beyond just hanging out or spending time together. True friendship is one that survives every decade and every changing stage of life, every mile and every minute that passes so fast in this life.

True Friendship is showing up when they need it the most. They will be there on the front porch helping pick up the pieces of a life built with no more meaning. True friendship is traveling hundreds of miles after hearing of news that makes them weak in their knees, tears streaming down their face, just relieved to know their best friend is still alive. Friendship doesn’t hesitate or thing twice, it just knows it must get there quickly and safely in moments of pain. True friendship is forgiving in the distance that separates them and the lives they have when chaos interrupts.

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True friendship is praying for each other, communicating and listening. These three qualities of a friendship are what truly makes friendship special. If communication isn’t there, then setting out to be a better person fails. True friendship is accepting one another as they are not wanting to change a thing about them. It is embracing their goofiness that makes laughing uncontrollable; it’s not laughing at them, its laughing with them. Sometimes their friendship consists of middle of the night calls, just needing them to listen and hear what is on their heart and giving them advice that they can trust.

True friendship is going through this crazy thing we call life. Its celebrating together through the holidays, birthdays and special occasions. True friendship is having the memories to look back on; like that one time in the sunflower field, sipping wine with the sun setting and enjoying the band play, that is one my loveliest memories to date. True friendship is driving late at night after a long day at work, making it just in time to see that new baby. True friendship is a series of stepping stones through life; it won’t always be a rainbow and butterflies, but it will be worth it.

True friendship is a bond that once created is hard to break. Friendship is the clearing in the fog, the cheese to the wine and the peanut butter to the jelly. It just seamlessly binds together. Being able to form connections with other humans who share the same qualities is amazing. True friendship is years of laughter, tears, hugs and prayers. True friendship is evolving every day; being able to handle that evolution and grow with it is the ultimate test of friendship. True friendship will be in the heart of the ones who long for that spiritual connection. Its realizing how special people are and that the privilege in life to connect with someone who just gets you is priceless. 


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