What Does Friendship Mean?

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One of the most important decision we make in our life is choosing who we want present. It doesn’t matter how many people we follow online, how many books we read, or how many challenges we overcome, nothing will push us to our greatest state like the people by our side. The bond we create with people is what creates friendship. True friendship is when one puts someone else’s well-being before their own. They are no longer seen as friends, but as family. There is an old quote that many know that says, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are.” The right people will push us to become the best possible version of ourselves without changing what we believe in or who we are. A number of times, we are like the people we surround ourselves with. True friends push us to become better. They are the people who push us until we have given it our all. The ones that make us healthy, strong, courageous, and determined.

Aristotle defined friendship as “A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” Friendship is made up of the most unselfish of all loves. It seeks to obtain the other’s person happiness over ones own. A true friend sees the other person’s well-being as precious as their own. Nothing will stop a true friend from wanting the best for the other. Seeing them succeed and being the best possible version of themselves is something they want to see happen. They will make sure that they take part in helping their friend achieve their goal.

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People who we form a friendship with push us until we have given it our all. They encourage us to live up to our full potential. They see what we are able to accomplish when we have lost faith in ourselves. They will never ask us to compromise our beliefs or principles for their own because of the respect they have for us. In every friendship there is a sense of security. A person knows that a true friend will always have your back and never abandon them. They want to be with you through any difficult times, disappointments and life challenges.

Being able to establish a true friendship without is a true blessing. However, there are friendship that are not true and end up hurting our character instead of helping mold it. These types of friendships drain us from our energy. They thrive from spreading their own negativity. They are the type of people who don’t want you to succeed, but give false praises in your presence. No good will every come from false positives and negative people. They will throw hurtful remarks in a subtle fashion, easily making them worth keeping at a distance.

The word friendship is a very complex. However, if one is fortunate enough to find a true, real, sincere friendship it will change our life for the better. However, it is important to choose our friends wisely because they hold a great impact in our life. It is amazing what we can accomplish when we let go of or at least minimize our time with draining, negative, incompatible, not going anywhere friendships. While a person’s success can be determined by who they surround themselves with, it can also be determined by who they do not. Remaining as far as possible from those who hurt us or corrupt our actions will result in our success in life.    


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