Essays on Berlin

Berlin Olympics And Power Of Adolf Hitler

The Olympics is an international sporting event. Berlin has rewarded the privilege of hosting the Olympics in 1931. Adolf Hitler rose to power as chancellor in 1933. In 1936, Germany hosted the Olympic games. Hitler and the Nazis used the worldwide sporting event to their advantage and showed their power over the world. Germany gained...
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Berlin Brandenburg Airport Project

Abstract The construction of what is currently the largest airport project in Europe began on 5 September 2006 and was due to be completed in autumn 2010 but was repeatedly postponed due to a multitude of technical problems and budget overruns. According to management, the airport is finally scheduled to open in October 2020. The...
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History Of Berlin: Culture And Politics

Introduction Berlin has had what one would call ‘a momentous’ history. I believe that no other metropolis has been witness to such frequent and drastic changes that has altered the face of the city, of which its architecture constantly changed throughout its history. Even though Berlin has seen itself grow in its importance over the...
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The Significance Of The Berlin Wall

The deconstruction of the Berlin Wall symbolized the end of dictatorship and oppression after decades of being held in this vicious cycle. The people of Germany in 1989 had an instinct for liberty and political equality that overruled their want for governmental control after the second world war and up until the end of the...
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