Essays on Russia

Russia: The Leadership Qualities Of Vladimir Putin The Current President Of The Russian Federation

Introduction This report will analyse the leadership qualities of Vladimir Putin the current President of the Russian Federation. Putin’s leadership traits, behavioural conduct, utilization of power & influence will be judged in relation to how he has effectively fulfilled his role as the paramount leader of Russia for the last twenty years. This discussion will...

Russia: Culture, Politics And Economics

It is Russia’s geography that has shaped its history, defined its culture, politics and economic development, and influenced the way the world views Russia. Although most of its population lives on the European side of the Urals, Russia does not conform with the rest of Europe. This is principally due to the geography of Russia...
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Theoretical and Empirical Aspects of Project Activity at Modern Russian School

Purpose/Justification/Procedure With new changes being made in Russian education, new standards made it necessary to include elementary students in “Project Activity.” This learning method dates back to the 1920’s. America introduced it to Russia who bought into it. Russia only participated in this pedology for about then years before reverting to traditional teaching methods. Over...
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Military Interventions: Russia In Ukraine As A Case Study

Russian political actions Russia’s political elite in Ukraine implemented financial sanctions on Thursday, in frozen Russian assets, hundreds of politicians and officials, in addition to dozens of state-owned Ukrainian companies, the decree said that personal target companies will be frozen The financial and real estate assets in Russia will not be able to bring them...
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Annexation Of Crimea By Russia: Critical Analysis

Introduction Following the horror of two world wars, the Charter of the United Nations was introduced in 1945 encouraging the pacific settlement of disputes and banning unilateral uses of force. As a result of this ban, in theory, there are only two instances where a use of force is lawful, namely with prior authorisation as...
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Major Changing Points In The History Of Russia

Russia Most people know that Russia was once named the Soviet Union. But people `don’t know Russia was named Russia before being the Soviet Union. Russia before Russia was in a very big change in its carrier. They had a revolution, new governments many more changes that you will learn about in this easy. Russia...
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Achievements Of Russia And Their Contributions To The World

Russia, one of the world’s greatest superpowers and global contributors is a leading power in the military, smarts and creativity. Folk stories run out the ears of every elder in Russia and so do local traditions of dining and religious practices. Although I am being very vague about the achievements of Russia and their contributions...
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Analysis of The Welfare Transition of Poland, Russia, and Hungary After The Collapsed Soviet Union In1990

According to Fenger, the type of government welfare states arrangement in Eastern European consist of Soviet Union (FSU) Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and other developing States like Georgia and Romania. These countries have gone through a lot of political and economic transitions in comparison with all the other Countries. Hemerijck and Ferrera claimed that immediately...
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