Essays on Phobias

Fears: How Phobias Affect People

How Phobias Affect People Fear is an emotion that everyone deals with and in different ways. Fear is when you are scared of something or someone that is dangerous or threatening. Fear can also be caused by thoughts that you have. One thing that might cause you to fear, might not cause someone the same...
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Phobias & Epigenetics

There are a number of diseases and mental illnesses affected by genetics. These disorders can be brought about through genetics alone, another factor altogether, or a combination of factors. While many believe that genetics is a simple aspect of biology and the study of the human body, it is in fact very complex and multifaceted...
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Dental Phobias

Odontophobia. You may have it, you may not. Odontophobia is more commonly known as a fear of the dentist or of dental treatments. In some cases, a fear of the dentist may stop of from visiting for your routine check-up, or even delaying having treatment. This may mean you would rather spend time in dental...
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