Essays on Evolution

Evolution: Why Are Homo Sapiens Bipedal

Introduction and Why are Homo Sapiens bipedal? Bipedalism is an adaption to modern humans and their ancestors and hence is a feature differentiating modern humans from other living primates (Sockol, Raichlen and Pontzer, 2007). Homo sapiens are the only living primate to use bipedalism as their form of locomotion. Bipedalism is however seen in other...
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Evolution Versus Creation: Comparative Essay

Evolution is a way that scientists believe the world was created and became what it is today. Human evolution is the process of change by which people originated from apelike ancestors. Scientific evidence suggests that the behavioural and physical traits of people originated from apelike relatives and started evolving from over a period of approximately...
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Convergent Evolution Versus Divergent Evolution

Intro Evolution is a process by which species change over time due to selection pressures. Selection pressures allows only organisms that can adapt to their environment to survive and leads to the death of individuals who are not suitable to the environment and cannot survive. Over millions of years many of these species change to...
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The Horse Series As A Showcase Of Evolution

The horse series has long been a showcase of evolution. But in reality, this series is the best argument that can be presented against evolution from the fossil record. According to the theory of evolution, it is possible to follow horse evolution through millions of years-how the horse slowly became larger and stronger , lost...
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Evolution: The Biocultural Approach

The term biocultural evolution explored on both cultural behaviors and biological developments influence evolution, meaning that any changes at one side could become a significant factor that leads a change to another (Lopreato, 1986). The biocultural evolution approach believes that biology, culture, and environment are interacting with each other closely and leading evolution. There are...
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Evolutionary Psychology: Strategies And Modern Day Correlation

Evolutionary Psychology Did you know evolutionary psychology does not just apply to humans? That is right evolutionary psychology applies to any organism with a nervous system. Although it applies to any organism with a nervous system, which is every living organism except sponges and placozoans, it is mainly focused on humans alone. Evolutionary psychology is...
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Evolutional Theories Based On Human Emotions

Evolutional theories based on human emotions have been explored by evolutionary psychologists for many years as it ties the scientific approach with emotions and behaviour which range over all aspects of psychology. Professor Darwin (1872/2009) was the first to discover the concept of evolution and natural selection in addition to how emotions solve a range...
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