Essays on Patriotism

American Patriotism As A Defining Trait Of American Culture

All across America, red, white, and blue flags are prominently flying in front of many buildings and homes; in schools, students start their day pledging allegiance to the flag. The United States uniquely treats its flag as a national treasure because it signifies its people’s strong loyalty and pride for the country. The American flag...
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Cultural And Liberal Nationalism In Global Context

The division between ancient and modern versions of nationalism according to Sargent (2009) is reflected in the current conflict between scholars of nationalism: that between cultural or ethnic nationalism and civic or liberal nationalism. Roughly speaking, the former is based on ancient roots and the latter on modern ones, and for most the distinction is...
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Nationalism In Modern Europe And Its Impact On The Society

Five years ago, the revolution in Ukraine has brought the nationalists’ movement a new life, again, attracting the world’s community attention to a forgotten phenomenon. The innate desire to be unique has helped people to develop healthy competition between nations. However, what starts as healthy competition and national pride can quickly develop into hate and...
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Blind Versus Constructive Patriotism: Values And Manifestations

Staub (2003) argues that blind patriotism is classified as loyalty that is not criticized. Actions and decisions made by a particular group are in supportive by its own members regardless to whether the actions lacks support towards values of morality and other people’s rights in other groups. Blind patriotism is seen as having destructive attributes...
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Development And Manifestation Of Patriotic Ideas In USSR

Introduction According to website patriotism is a “feeling of attachment and commitment to a country, nation, or political community”. It comes from the Greek word “pater” (father) considering a country as a Motherland or Fatherland. A similar definition is given by Online Etymology Dictionary: “the passion which moves a person to serve his country,...
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Patriotism, Nationalism And National Identity: Correlation Of The Notions

In an increasingly globalized and connected world, maintaining a national identity is harder than ever. What’s more, the tangibility of “the nation” as a concept is ambiguous at most. Despite that, nationalism and national feelings have experienced a recent resurgence. In the modern political conversation concerning patriotism, the nation to the individual has little to...
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Franklin Roosevelt's Speeches As The Embodiment Of American Patriotism

This essay will show how US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s speeches and political actions contributed towards the US overcoming ingrained isolationism, thereby bolstering popular support and mobilising economic resources for World War II. This essay will explore the ingrained isolationism prevalent in the US at the time, the circumventory actions that Roosevelt took to bypass...
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My Vision Of Patriotism And Its Expressions

Are you proud of what race you came from? Do you love your own country? Are you willing to protect your mother country no matter what happens? Now in our essay, our focus is to talk about patriotism and why a person wants to be a patriot. What will patriotism be? It is an act...
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Patriotism Versus Nationalism: Tagore’s Critique of Nationalism

Indian Political Thought Assignment Question Why did Tagore criticized nationalism? And in the context of Tagore’s Critique of Nationalism would there be any difference in Patriotism and Nationalism. Answer: The multifaceted genius of Tagore ended the last day of the 19th century by writing down the poem The Sunset of the Century – The notion...
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