Essays on Socialism

Socialism: Origins And History

Socialism Origins of Socialism Socialism describes any theory of politics or economics that the community should own and manage the property and natural resources rather than individuals. The term ‘socialism’ has been applied throughout history, including utopianism, anarchism, Soviet communism, and social democracy, to very different economic and political systems. These systems differ widely in...
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Difference Between Socialism And Communism

There are numerous systems that are used in governing countries across the globe. Till quite a few years back, there were a large number of countries that had embraced communism as their way of life. Now, we have always used the word in same meaning as socialism. Very few of us know that there is...
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Socialism As A Critique On Conservatism

Socialism is a critique of the French Revolution and by extension Conservatism. Whereas conservatism supports individual agency, socialism completely refutes it. Conservatism is made of four key claims which support the rampant capitalism after the French Revolution. Edmund Burke argues that government is a practical science in which exists a natural aristocracy. Joseph de Maistre...
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A Camping Trip In Why Not Socialism By G.A. Cohen

After reading Why Not Socialism by G.A. Cohen I’ve concluded that I respectfully disagree with his stance that Socialism is a better way to manage an economy than capitalism. Even though socialism sounds good on paper, I have found through readings and history that it doesn’t work well in the real-world. Cohen has the premise...
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