Essays on Marxism

Marxism: Work Theory Of Value And Laws Of Dialectical Materialism

Introduction Fiscal policy is the guiding principle of fiscal work stipulated by the state according to political, economic and social development tasks in a certain period. It regulates aggregate economic needs through fiscal spending and tax policies. Therefore, fiscal policy adjustment means, that is, fiscal expenditures and tax policies will be adjusted at any time...
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Marxism Versus Feminism Discussion

Qn: Discuss the following types of theories of international relations citing at least two relevant theorists; Feminism and Marxism 1.1. Feminism Feminism as an international relations theory has many strands, some with complement each other whilst others contradict each other. Some of the theories developed by feminist scholars are, but not limited to Liberal feminism,...
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Marxism: Phases Of Class Struggle

Marxism Karl Marx believed that capitalism is dangerous to society. Capitalism exploits the working class. The era he lived in was the industrial revolution era, it was the transition to new manufacturing process from the old one. He foresaw that capitalism will only lead to great disparity between the rich and the poor. People will...
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Marxism: Ferguson’s And McNally’s Article Analysis

Ferguson’s and McNally’s article (F&M) ”Precarious migrants: gender, race, and the social reproduction of a global working class” in Socialist Register is an example of Marxist analysis because it discusses immigrants who come to another country for work and how low standard of living they are provided in the welcoming state. It also states that...
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Marxism Point Of View in The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby uses characters to talk about the oppressor and the oppressing of people through rich socialites and poor people in New York City through the ideas of wealth, education, money, class, power, and the American dream through the viewpoint of Marxism. Marxism is an ideology seen through the story using the characters that...
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The Relationship Between Karl Marx And Knowledge And Education

Karl Marx never directly wrote articles on education, but his influence on the authors, scholars, intellectuals, and educators who followed him was profound. The power of his ideas has changed the way we see the world. Whether you accept his analysis or opposition to society, he can not be ignored. Karl Popper, who strongly opposes...
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Marxism As A Part Of The Victimised Actor Perspective

Marxism is based upon the works of philosopher Karl Marx (1818-43), he didn’t actually write extensively about crime but his ideas of inequalities of a capitalist system have been applied by criminologists to explain crime and societies responses to it. The reason Marxism is part of the Victimised Actor perspective is that crime is the...
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Islamic Economic System: Socioeconomics (Marxism) Versus Economic System On Ownership (Capitalism)

Introduction: Islamic economics is a term used to refer to Islamic commercial jurisprudence and also to the philosophy of economics based on the teachings of Islam that takes a middle ground between the systems of Socioeconomics (Marxism) and economic system on ownership (Capitalism). “Islamic jurisprudence has conventionally dealt with determining what is required, prohibited, encouraged,...
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