Essays on Stock Market

Variables For Stock Market Predictability

Abstract This article aims to analyse the main variable in different areas and give an answer to an age-old question in the stock market: “Could people predict the movement of stock market and what kinds of factors should be taken into account?”. In the different sections of this paper, we point out several factors in...
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Types Of Stock Market Analysis

Introduction The main objective is to examine the unsteadiness of stocks and the changes that occurred over the past five years and, for a better understanding of fluctuations in the stock market as a whole and the kind of events that have an impact on the value of the market. Background A stock market contains...
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Japan's Equity Market: Working Mechanism, Participants And Market Capitalisation

Participants and Market capitalisation Japan has five stock exchanges: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sapporo, as well as the Jasdaq securities exchange. The Tokyo stock exchange(TSE) is connected to Fukuoka and Sapporo. The Japanese stocks are offered by the Japan Exchange Group, commonly known as JPX, which runs several exchange platforms for shares.It was created...

Study On Relation Between Stock Market And Gold Market

Abstract- The growing popularity of gold market investment has been evident from the continuous increase in the number of individual investors. India is one of the largest consumers of gold and the price of gold is rising every day. Also the historical data shows that there is an inverse relation between gold, the dollar, and...
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Stock Market Analysis: Statistical Indicators And Future Projections

Abstract—From the beginning of time it has been man’s common goal to make his life easier. The prevailing notion in society is that wealth brings comfort and luxury, so it is not surprising that there has been so much work done on ways to predict the markets. Various technical, fundamental, and statistical indicators have been...
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The German Private Equity Market: Analytical Essay

1. Introduction Private equity (PE) is a fundamental pillar of the financial system. Governments in the European Union (EU) are eager to keep private investments fluid and buoyant. This is critical especially in the era where global economic growth appears to come to a halt. In today’s world, new companies tend to remain private for...
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