Summer Vacation: My Long Trip To Thailand

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What I did last summer? I was born in Vietnam, but I moved to the United States almost three years ago, I was quite busy from work to school, so I did not get a chance to visit my hometown. Last summer, when I heard my best friend was getting married, my sister and I decided to visit Vietnam. It was a long trip, and it took twenty hours on the plane. We changed the flight two times. It went from Tampa to New York, and from New York to Korea. Then when we arrived in Vietnam, we were so tired, but we were welcomed by our relatives. Because of the time change, we slept in the morning and woke up at noon. It took two or three days to get used to the time change. My summer vacation last year was the best summer,

After a few days of resting, my sister and I visited our relatives and we brought a lot of gifts for everyone. At the same time, my friends and I prepared for the tour of Thailand. My group was made up of five people, including my sister and I, but I had a friend that did not join us on the tour. Because she just married, she was scared she was pregnant. She thought she wasn’t suitable for this long trip to Thailand, and she decided to stay at home. I was a little disappointed because she was my best friend and we always do things together. I really hoped she would join us in this trip.

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Our first day in Thailand, we went to the airport early, met, and made new friends with our tour guide. Because Thailand is very close to Vietnam, the flight took only half an hour to arrive. This was the first time I visited Thailand, so I was very excited. The climate in Thailand was the same as Vietnam. It was very hot, humid, and I thought it was even hotter than Vietnam. We had a free time to check in the room and walked around the hotel. At night we joined the Alcazar show, a special show in Thailand where all the dancers were transsexual. We arrived early before the show started. We had the opportunity to meet all the dancers, they stayed in the lobby. The tourists could take photos with them, but it was not free. It cost sixty Thai Baht for a normal photo and one hundred twenty Thai Baht for a special photo. After that, the show started; it invested from the clothes, music, dancers to backgrounds. We very enjoyed the show.

On the second day in Thailand, we had a boat trip on the Chaopraya River. On the boat, we had events for feeding the fish. I did not expect that the river has a lot of fish. The guide told me if I could see the white fish, it was a lucky day for me because the white fish was very rare; just a few people could see it. And that day was our lucky day. Among the blackfish, we saw the white fish. Later, we went to the Traimit Temple, the place we could see the golden Buddha statues. After a long day, we enjoyed the body massage at hotel, one hours to relax the whole body. Because the massage made me felt comfortable, I almost fell asleep and didn’t want to wake up. Afterwards we ate the dinner and slept at the hotel.

On the third day at Thailand, we visited the Ananda Samakhom Palace. The Palace was built by King Rama V. We had some time to tour the Palace, we were introduced products made from the royal members. My sister and I bought some souvenirs for my family. We bought some vitamins for my father, some lotion for my mother, and some clothes for my nieces. In the evening, we had a buffet at Baiyoke Sky Hotel. It was a big and famous hotel in Thailand. The hotel had one hundred floors. We enjoyed the view, and the food at the eighty-fifth floors. The food was delicious; there were many options for the customer to choose and the special food in here was lobster. After we enjoyed the foods, my friends, my sister and I decided to explore the highest floor of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel. We used the elevator to go up to the ninety-seventh floor and continued to climb three floors to the top of Hotel. On the top floors, I could see the whole scene in Bangkok at night.

On the last day in Thailand, we had free time to visit and shop at the Platinum Plaza. It was the largest Plaza I ever saw. It had about eight floors; each floor sold another item. For example, the first and second floor sold clothes, the third floor sold bells, and the fourth floor sold accessories, another floor was the food court, the parking lot, and the entertainment area. The Plaza was like a maze. Because the time was limited, we separated to walk around and bought the things that we liked. The Plaza was so big that I had lost a few times, walked around in the Plaza to find my friends, and my sister, even I spent a lot of time to find the exit. After we had fun in the shopping paradise, we gathered in the hotel and prepared to fly to our hometown.

It was a nice trip. I had a lot of memories with my friends and captured a lot of photos. My only regret was my best friend was absent on the trip. But we promised the next time when I come back, we will go to Singapore with all the members of the group.


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