The Reasons That Make You A Smoker

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We all know smoking is not good for us and it’s a bad habit. More of an addiction that’s hard to get rid of, definitely not something you can get rid of overnight. You can only quit smoking when you yourself decide to quit it, however, if you quit because someone is pressuring you too then it might not last long. After hearing and seeing everything about smoking and how it can impact me, I’ve decided to stop smoking but I know it’s very hard to just stop it altogether.

There are things that trigger us sometimes, it’s different for everyone but for me, I get triggered to smoke. After doing a little research on what triggers smoking; I found out there are four types of triggers: social, withdrawal, pattern, and emotional. I think each individual needs to understand their triggers since it is one of the best ways you can possibly deal with your smoking addiction. I personally think what triggers me are social and emotional factors. Studies show that people smoke more when their emotions are intense. Emotional factors that trigger my smoking are when I’m in a bad mood which is mostly when I’m stressed or anxious. We all know stress is unavoidable in life. But a few ways I’ve learned to deal with it in life is by eating healthier food, listening to music, exercising regularly, taking deep breathes, but mainly be around supportive people. The other emotional factor is when I’m feeling down. I’ve learned that when you’re emotional you should always have someone to talk to because sometimes it helps to share your feelings. But when you’re emotional you can also do the physical activity; working out helps a lot since it handles emotions, but for me listening to music while exercising keeps me calm and it also destresses me.

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The social factors that trigger me only happen occasionally, usually when I’m around other people who smoke. When I go out with friends, they would smoke before going to eat or when we are going to a party or other social event. However, I’ve told a few of my friends who smoke often that I’ve decided to quit smoking so if they’d kindly not smoke around as it triggers me and make me want to smoke just once but then it turns into continuously smoking. I also try avoiding places where people are usually smoking for example the open space in front of Scott library where everyone smokes. I also asked a friend if they’d maybe want to quit as well so we can both do this journey together and surprisingly my best friend was down to do this with me. If you’ve decided to quit, it’s best to avoid places where people smoke, like bars, parties, concerts, and other social events. Ask your friends to support you by not smoking around you and joining you in non-smoking activities, at least for the first few weeks. The best thing would be to substitute my cravings for cigarettes with gum. Chewing gum can help me since I’ll always have something in my mouth so I wouldn’t think about smoking too often. Another alternative would be to get a vape without nicotine, that’s still smoking but it’s not nicotine so I wouldn’t be as addicted, because some cause headaches which are also maybe why I might just end up quitting smoking after all. I’ve substituted smoking with chewing gum right now so hopefully, that’s a step forward.

Smoking is something a lot of us started at a young age. We shouldn’t have but we all either just tried to fit in with people. Thinking it’s only for a bit but then it turns into getting addicted. Just like that I got addicted to smoking cigarettes, it was just a one-time thing but it turned into doing it once a day, then twice a day, and now whenever I’m emotional or when I’m out with friends before it was just to fit it but not anymore, now it’s a daily. The plan I’ve come up with to stop myself, I’m going to follow through and chew gum whenever I crave it, or if I’m upset I will go talk to a friend sometime I trust, and since my best friend is on this journey with me I think it will be a little easier.  


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