Essays on California

Wildfires In California’s History

Introduction An uncontrolled, destructive fire that consumes woodlands or forests is a wildfire. Wildfires erupt all around the globe in different seasons due to various reasons; Natural or anthropogenic. These fires can prove to be beneficial in a number of ways if occurred in a controlled manner but can wreak havoc if left unchecked. Australia,...
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Homeless Crisis In California

California has dealt with homelessness for quite some time. The homeless crisis did not happen overnight. This problem has been pushed aside for years and now that it has resurfaced repeatedly, many politicians and the state of California is finally trying to put an end to this or what many would say, a solution to...
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General Overview Of California: Analytical Essay

In America, there are 52 recognized states. 50 on the mainland and two disconnected this means that there are many cultural differences in the states, but culture isn’t bound by the states. Culture can be spread further out into a certain region or even affect the entire country. One prime example of this is what...
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California's Politics, Legislature And Taxes

The gubernatorial position is one of the most admired in the US politics. A study conducted by the New York Times magazines has listed the position as one of the most powerful in the US government and this explains why governors are so powerful. Governors have a number of key responsibilities which may vary from...
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California Dream: Opinion Essay

The California dream has been powerful all through the ages. However, this dream did not stay the same throughout history. With the changing time, this dream evolved and to accurately describe this California Dream, we need to analyze it according to particular times in history and the wars and events surrounding it. These dreams were...
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