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Knowledge is power. All the progress in the world is display of this power. In ancient times, knowledge and information gathering was a pain stalking task. There were very few sources available to quench the thrust of knowledge. But as the time passed, there emerge new discoveries and inventions which made it easy to asses’ information and knowledge. In Germany first printing press was invented by Günterburg. This invention changed the whole scenario of knowledge preservation and knowledge spreading techniques. Now books were relatively easily to write and publish, an easy way to preserve and store knowledge. Later, some other inventions s such as electricity, radio made it further easy to spread of information and knowledge. In recent history emerging of internet break all the remaining bearers to information and knowledge reservoir. All these inventions are in fact a travel of media through history. As media is responsible for generating, spreading and providing information, so all these developments are changing forms of media. These developments provide us clues about the evolution of media and how it has changed history of the world. Thus media is an inseparable part of life.

From its earlier history media has been playing dual role. In fact these two role pf media are its two basic aspects, it can be said that media can be used negatively or positively. In negative terms media can propagate some specific ideology. In fact, it has been used for this purpose often. Dictators use it to strengthen their authority. Multinational companies have used media to lure people to buy their products. During the days of war media was used heavily as a propaganda agent. It spread and disseminates false news. It hides truths from the eyes of the people. Hitler uses it as war strategy to subdue his opponents. Thus media while in the hands corrupt and malicious persons play havoc to society. It created pressure groups which control the governments, even good working governments. These groups acted upon to fulfill their own selfish whims. Due to power of media these pressure groups successfully subdue governments.

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On the other hand, when acting positively media has helped to bring positive changes in society. Various tyrannical governments, exploitative and oppressive economics systems have been eliminated by media. Media while playing positive have done much. It has raised awareness about various social issues. It has helped in reducing poverty, illiteracy and ignorance. Media has educated people about their rights and about their duties as well. It has taught them how to overcome their individual and collective issues. Rapid growth in human population, deforestation global warming and various other social issues are being understood with the help of media. As a result this understanding has been creating various solutions to these issues. The general behavior of the masses and their approach towards these problems has been changing, and reflecting a positive result as a whole. Media is doing all this but how it is able to do so? The answer to this question lies in the nature of media. Knowledge about hoe media work and which techniques it uses for disseminating the information are helpful to understand media’s impact on society.

In modern world media revolutionized. It has not only revolutionized itself but also revolutionized the world as a whole. Modern media can be categorized in to two groups as print media and electronic media. Both of these forms have their own pros and cons. beside this Both have a unique circle of influence. Print media includes newspapers, magazines, books and novels etc., on the other electronic media includes TV, radio, internet and all other telecommunications resources. These both types provide information and entertainment but have some distinctions owning to target audiences and masses. Print media demands literate people. It also provide in dept h of knowledge. It also requires time from its readers. Electronic media comparatively offer less depth of knowledge. It is useful for all type of masses. But it requires special instruments to be benefitted from it.


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