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Reprogramming Metabolism In Cancer

Cellular metabolism is a recent and main focus in the study of the development of cancer. Glycolysis is responsible for converting glucose to pyruvate and, in aerobic conditions, the pyruvate will go to the mitochondria so it can be oxidized through pyruvate dehydrogenase and tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle enzymes. Intermediates produced from the TCA cycle...
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Behavior Modification: Definition And Techniques

Behavior Modification Behavior Modification can be defined as methods or ways used to reduce or improve a certain type of conduct. These methods are widely used by us all; it’s mainly used by parents to teach their children in a way to know what is good or bad. Behavior modification can be used in many...
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Analysis Of Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Respiratory Distress syndrome has been one of the most challenging diseases that clinicians have had troubled managing in pediatrics patients. One of the challenges that clinicians have encountered with is proving the proper treatment strategies since pediatrics have several differences than an adult does within. In order to have a better understanding we must first...
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Respiratory System Case Study

History: A 68-year old male was admitted to the ER with dyspnea, cyanosis, and cough. The patient has a history of 300 packs per year and has been unable to quit smoking. The patient was hospitalized earlier this year with pneumonia.Physical Exam: Barrel chest, cyanotic skin, ankle edema. Dyspnea is apparent. Hyperresonance upon percussion of...
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Evolution Of The Eye

The eye is perhaps one of the most sophisticated products of evolution. The eye comes in all shapes and sizes, but its purpose remains the same for all organisms that possess it – to help the organism become more aware of its surroundings using light to create visuals. The eye has become a widespread success...
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Benefits Of Taking Digestive Enzyme Supplements

 I accept initial introductions don’t last in light of the fact that once you become more acquainted with an individual, those first abstract impressions change. Nevertheless, we can’t dispose of the way that looking great and satisfactory is constantly significant particularly on extraordinary events. Unique events like finding a new line of work, meeting your...
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The Relationship Between The Functions Of The Skeleton And Its Structure

The skeletal system has six main functions that are vital for supporting the body and its functionality: Support, movement, protection of internal organs, production of red blood cells, mineral storage and endocrine regulation. The skeletal system is typically made up of 206 bones that create a framework which our muscles and organs can connect to....
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X-ray Waves And Their Application In Different Fields

After reviewing the literature available on the application of x-ray waves in different fields, I have concluded that the most popular use of X-ray waves is in the medical field, and specifically medical imaging. First of all, the use in projectional radiographs which is also called conventional radiography in obtaining radiographs of the breast, chest,...
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The Nervous System, The Brain And Prosthetics

Any trauma that affects the nervous system can leave an individual with paralysis of a limb and the loss of the ability for the brain, sensorimotor system, and rest of the body to be able to connect (Moxon, 2001). The ability to strengthen and widen this communication would result in a computer connected to a...
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