Essays on Killer Whales

Orcas Are Held In Captivity For Exploitative/entertainment Purposes Despite The Health Conditions It Causes: Pros And Cons

Should orcas be held in captivity for exploitative/entertainment purposes despite the health conditions it causes? Orcas have been held in captivity for over 5 decades at first our intentions were to observe the majestic creatures but now have been turned into an exploitation for entertainment industry. The first capture was in 1961 by Marine land...
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Killer Whales: Distribution Of Orcinus Orca Around The World

Introduction Orcinus orca, the killer whale, is widely distributed in all of the world’s oceans and some of its seas (Fig.1). A member of the dolphin family, it is easily recognized based on its large size and distinctive black and white markings that set it apart from any other marine mammal on the planet. Though...
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