Advantages And Disadvantages Studying In Australia

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Numerous students in the world want to be studying abroad, they are looking for more opportunities and benefits. Australia is the 6th largest country in the world by rate, also third English speaking large country (Wikipedia 2019). This essay will provide balanced opinion advantages and disadvantages of studying in Australia. Observing about problems might be student encounter, and how they are adapting in this area.

Studying in Australia is a worthy choice to improving ourselves to the well-side. In all things have a good and bad side, Australian gives countless advantages to international students, also they are having disadvantages. Firstly, if international students want to study in Australia for 3 and more months, they need a student visa. Australian government gives visas fairly easy than expected, students can apply online and virtually linked on passport. However, another side of visas, is fees and requirements are too high and expensive (Rachael Taft, 2014).

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Secondly is living cost, in Australia have the highest living cost in the world, living amongst and all fees counting by per week, as well as in student visa included part-time job in whole study time, it is offered for living cost. Also, international students have an opportunity of scholarship, it helps to study by lower fees of studying (Envisage International Corporation, 2019). For example, the Australian trade and investment commission (2019) giving information cost of living and the cost of studying. Living costs are dissimilar depended on types, hostel and guest houses – 90$ to 150$, share a rental room – 95$ to 150$ per week, homestay – 250$ to 350$ weekly, rental – 200$ to 450$ per week and boarding schools – 11 000$ to 22 000$ a year. And other expenses are groceries and eating out – 80$ to 280$ per week, phone and internet weekly 20$ to 55$, public transport 20$ to 50$ per week and entertainment around 100 – 150$ per week. Also, they are giving a list of costs of education including all diverse qualifications of education by year, school – 7 800$ to 30 000$, English language courses – around 300$ a per week, vocational education and training – 4 000$ to 22 000$, Bachelor degree – 20 000$ to 45 000$, Masters degree – 22 000$ to 50 000$ and Doctor degree – 18 000$ to 42 000$ (all dollars counted in AUS dollar). As well as mentioned before, in student visa included part-time job in the whole study time (Envisage International Corporation, 2019). An international student has a possibility of working 20 hours a per week. However, this is a big benefit of studying in Australia. Everyone who interested in work position, Australia give them a quiet enough type of jobs.

Thirdly, discuss scholarship, Australian government invest every year 200 000 million dollars for international students in scholarship. It is for universities around the country. Several of top country universities like The institute of Melbourne, the University of Sydney and Australian national university they are giving scholarship for international students and extra offers for them like health cover (IDP education,2019).

In conclusion, studying in Australia have a fully advantages like part-time helping for living, easy visa and scholarship in several universities. Then disadvantages all fees too expensive. In my opinion studying in other countries is the biggest opportunity, Australia is the best choice. For the reason that Australia has a beneficial environment to progress all my skills and challenging every day.


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