Studying Abroad Vs. Studying In Home Country

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“The art of reading and studying consists in remembering the essentials and forgetting what is not essential.” Adolf Hitler. People who are interested in studying prefer being abroad than locally to gain more experience and to learn in different ways. Maybe students can collect the same information but there is a wide difference between benefits and techniques of learning that they take from both.

The main difference between studying abroad and studying in home country is the experience which students gain. Studying abroad gives us more experience than learning in our country. It provides more opportunities to be independent, for example, we can be put into circumstances where we need to work so that we could provide for ourselves. People prefer studying abroad rather than studying in their country as it makes them more open-minded, sociable , and it also expands their network and familiarizes them with other cultures. As a result, students can have a diverse outlook on life. People also gain new language skills. Whatever the field or career is, an international experience will certainly help you to stand out in competitive global job market. On the other hand, studying in the home country also has benefits such as being more familiar to the culture, people don’t have to learn another language so focusing on study will be more and also studying in home country less expensive. For sure programs and techniques vary between studying abroad and studying in home country, studying abroad has more updated ways of learning than studying in home country. As colleges used internet means, updated applications and more activities. 

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Although studying abroad could be a great opportunity to take a tour around the world there are some barriers, we should take it in our consideration, as studying abroad is more expensive than studying in home country, people who study abroad might lose their health insurance in their country and free education. All of us know that overseas education is high qualified but I think if our home country have the same quality it will be better. Despite high quality of education, sometimes we feel homesickness, a lot of people have patriotism, for example; Mustafa Kamel, he was an Egyptian writer, a political leader and a great model of patriots. He said: ‘If I were not Egyptian, I would like to be an Egyptian’ a man who loved his country and he has never thought of leaving his country, It’s another reason for stopping to think about studying abroad. Leaving a home country is an easy procedure but taking the decision is really hard. 

To conclude, most students feel variety in studying abroad and studying in their home country, such as benefits and way of learning, but it depends on the student himself on his bravery, his studying budget and his hope. In my opinion, If travelling chance come and you eligible for that, so travel as chance comes once, “Take every chance you get in life because some things only happen once. “ Karen Gibbs. 


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