Studying Abroad In Prague Changed My Life

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Prague is a country which is centrally located in Europe. If you are a student then I would suggest you study abroad because this decision changed my life. I would like you aware of you with my experience of how my life became so beautiful which just started with an idea of studying abroad in Prague. It is a life-changing decision for you as it opened my eyes fully about the fact of European culture, gorgeous sites and their famous cuisine. Study in Prague was also an achievement for me because lowkey I get to know that it had great nightlife.

1. The Course in Prague is Pretty Easy:

The course of my bachelors was very easy and it was one of the biggest advantages for me to study abroad in Prague. As my course was CIEE and even after partying the whole night and attending class being half awake, I get the 3.8 GPA which was quite surprising for me. Not just course was easy but the professors were very sweet and welcoming that it made studying a lot easier. Every subject in my syllabus was so easy that I don’t need to work hard on any one of them and I graduated with an amazing GPA.

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2. Made it easier for Me to Travel:

Since traveling was my passion from the beginning and the idea of Prague study abroad made it really easier more for me. Visiting to 20+ countries just in 5 months meanwhile studying sounded impossible for me. But trust me guys I have witnessed such a stunning city of Europe in person during the studying that I can not even explain in words. Not just a visit but I have also gone to 3 weeks backpack vacations just in those 5 months including the semesterly break separately.

3. Prague Gives Me Great Opportunity of Great Jobs:

Starting a new venture would take high time and hard work. But my college made it easy for me by arranging a seminar for me through which I get to know about this job called “teaching English in Korea” and believe in guys through this job I earned so much that it changes my life. And for that I would be forever thankful to my college. By doing this job for some time I collected so much money and through that I became a full-time traveler and guess what? Now I travel just for free. The main moto of telling you guys all about this was that moving abroad changes my life in so many ways.

4. Makes My Lifestyle More Advance:

Moving to Prague for sure changes my lifestyle because when you become independent you settle all your life according to your mindset. And even after a bunch of my friends denied moving to this city, I took the risk which turned out the best decision of my life. If I compare my previous life to this one then I could a huge difference in everything from lifestyle to where I stand at the moment.

5. Tips for Studying Abroad:

Some of the studying abroad in Prague tips would be to attend all your classes regularly no matter what your state is because trusted me when I say my whole college life was wild, I mean it. I used to be half-awake in classes plus in half of the classes I used to be in a 90% hangover state but stilling attending them made me secure a remarkable GPA.

So, guys take your decision off studying abroad right now and accept all the hurdles. Because all these things will pay of later and you will be seeing yourself in an amazing position in the future.


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