Factors That Affect International Students To Join Study Program In Other Country

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According to John Dewey ‘Education is only one with growing; it has no end beyond itself. Education is everything along with growth; education itself has no final destination behind him.’ (Dewey, 1978). Whether this ability is something a person right, or whether it is something that a personal obligation, has been the subject of considerable debate. All types of education are essential; especially in university. In university, students directed into thinking logically and systematically. This essay will draw on the circumstance that influence undergraduate people to study abroad and what factor will affect them in the future. People can gain their knowledge in many ways, and one of the ways is to study overseas. The world will pay more attention to people who graduated overseas since they can speak multiple languages and certainly more independent. Studying abroad gives students the experience of a lifetime for students to achieve such an invaluable experience. It is a magnificent opportunity to come into a community with a different culture in their daily life and fulfil with plenty of cherished memory.

Have you ever think about why young people these days prefer to continue their education abroad than in their own country? The twenty-first century youngsters become enthusiastic and determined to study overseas as studying in a developed country, giving them hope to obtain a better education. Along with that, studying abroad offer many kinds of majors that they might not be able to find in their homeland. Be a student of a foreign university, can provide advantages for young people to find out about the diversifications between education systems of foreign and home countries. As an international student, the students need to be smart in choosing the right host country. That will affect their personal and professional life from this day forward, and also they will be faced to a new way of life, culture, lifestyles, and people. Nowadays, there are a bunch of public universities that offer various kind of study program to attract people to study and visit their country. However, not only public universities provide a fascinating offer, but also ​private universities. People have various kind of reasons to study abroad. Some people consider they can get high-quality education by studying in the famous universities around the world while the rest take it as an adventurous opportunity to see and experience the world.

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One of the main benefits of getting an education overseas is the endless knowledge that students can get through everyday life. A 2019 survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers indicates that the primary reason students seek out a study abroad experience is to experience a different culture (Moody, 2019). In this world, there is various kind of differences that makes this world more exciting to be explored, and one of them is culture. Every country has different types of culture, heritage, and lifestyles. Continuing education abroad allows students to learn, gain knowledge, and meet new people from a different nationality. Admittedly, not all foreign cultures and lifestyles are good. However, there must be some foreign behaviour that has a good example, and that behaviour would be beneficial for a working environment henceforth. Generally, people who study in foreign countries have an excellent opportunity to get a better job and higher income, considering they are good at dealing with various kinds of people. Aside from it, students will experience a new style of teaching and learning that they will never get in their home country. Other reasons noted include experiencing different approaches to teaching and researching, positioning themselves to work internationally and developing fluency in a foreign language (Moody, 2019). One is to improve their language skills since they are required to speak in a language that is not their country’s language. Cultures, lifestyles, and environment provide a significant impact on international students to gain such an extraordinary lesson for forthcoming.

Away from parents is one of the methods for students to become an independent and adventurous adult. Students no longer need to rely on their parents and manage their incomes and expenses. Also, they will become more resilient individuals and has a great sense of responsibility, in which it is suitable for people to improve their skills in the working world and society. Without us realizing it, the time has become a habit that we despise quite often. In this kind of information era, time is the most crucial part of human life. Even though time is one of the essential things in human life, not many of us can manage and organize time well. By studying abroad, people be able to manage and organize time while living overseas. Living away from home makes a person’s life more manageable and meaningful. Indeed, in a foreign county student need to do all the things by themselves because they are not in their comfort zone anymore. People will be faced over the real world in the years to come, and it throws everyone out of their comfort zones. Automatically students who are studying abroad become more self-reliant individuals. Therefore so many students become a completely new person when coming back home from a study abroad trip (Aldrich, 2019).

Obviously, after graduating people want to get the best job offers and high salary. The average of students who do not study overseas make $6000 less every year; on the other hand, students that attend school overseas make $7000 more per year (Rosenberg, 2016). This is clear evidence that overseas graduates earn much more money. At this moment, plenty of big companies that offer high salary are coming from abroad. At least on this occasion, people who graduate overseas is in a superior position. Another significant advantage of studying abroad is making someone’s curriculum vitae more valuable in the eyes of the company, and it allows them to look for a job easily. Find a job within one year of graduation is difficult for other graduating students; however, the study abroad alumni are about twice as likely to find a job (Rosenberg, 2016). Everyone knows that humans cannot live and survive alone; they need someone in their life. It is going to be much easier for people to the enhanced network when they have an opportunity to work overseas. They do possess not only domestic relations but also internationally. Through that network, people can do their jobs better and gaining a partnership that can be beneficial in the coming years.

In conclusion, studying overseas can be an incredible experience for people to learn other cultures from another country, dealing with different kinds of a person from around the world, and also get opportunities to work overseas easier rather than those who graduate in their home country. There can be no doubt that study overseas provides a bunch of advantages for international students. Young people have various kinds of reasons why they choose to study abroad rather than in their home country. Besides being able to speak in another language, study abroad trained the students to be self-sufficient, and they also have a life skill to get out of their safe zone and adapt to a new environment. Finally, study abroad gives them the kind of experience that they never had before and making them into an unimaginable person.


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